Sunday, January 15, 2017

Football be crazy, I be's catching up!

Mom and dad and Auntie Winnie watched football on the talkie picture box today. They kept talking about cheeeeze heads. I love cheeeeze!

Does that mean I gets to nom some cheeeeze?

Well I found out that the answer is no. Knows what I did? I said pffft and turned my back on everyone.

Guess what? Dad made a meatloaf sammich at the time of halfing and I gots to help. All is forgiven!

Here's my bestest picture in a long time. It's from a few days ago I think. My friend, Robin, the bestest ever, was here putting stuff on the wall to make it change colors. All I wanted to do was help. So I did!

Ain't I cute and innocent? I just gots a little bit on my schnoz. No one will ever know. Don't tell, okay?

Last week it snowed! I love snow. I love cold. I'm a cold weather dog, you know. All the way from Germany where they ski and stuff. I gots extra fur right now cause of snow and stuff. Mom's always making me stay still and brushing me and making a pile that looks like a new puppy has come to live with us.

But oh my dog, it was a lot of snow and it was still falling when mom took me out. I got all squinty eyed and stuff. It was almost up to my belly when it stopped and I had to hunt for pee spots, but I found em! Mom was like YAY, I can find the poo!  She loves poo in the snow. I don't get it. I'm a poo eater if they let me (mom comment - which we don't!) and it doesn't taste any different in the snow, mostly cause it gets scooped up before I can get to it. Love me a poopsicle. Anyway, playing ball in the snow was great. My squeaky basketball got real hard and when I shaked it, it was like a whole new game. I hopes we get more so I can do that again.

That's it, frenz. I'm bizzy these days with making sure the paint people and floor fur putting down people do their jobs. Mom keeps telling me I get a new couch soon. That way I gets to sit with everyone!

Puppy out!

From mom - Go Green Bay!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Long time no postie

Hi y'all,

Life's been super busy, but that's the way we doggies do. That last pitcher, well, I dun healed up from that. My bestest vet tried just about everything, but my boo boos wouldn't heal. Since they weren't healing, I gots to chew them whenever I wanted. The more I chewed, the more I wanted to chew. I think my mom and dad were going nuts. They kept hollerin' at me to stop this and stop that, and it was just getting crazy. Bestest vet found some new medicine since the allergy meds didn't work. Now I gotta eat one of those icky pills every day. Mom cuts em up and puts them in yummy canned dog food and sometimes, I don't even know they are there. The newz, though, is I am truly healed up. I gots one spot that is probably a scar, but who cares, right? I don't chew and they don't holler. All's well in doggie health world.

See? I'm so relaxed that I slept on mom's bed for healing herself! I love her quilts. They smell like comfort and zzzzzz, off I go.

I had a birfday in August. I'm 4 years old now. I'm not so bitey anymore, but that's cuz mom and dad give me plenty of stuff to chew. I love to put stuff in my mouf; it's just gotta be the right stuff. That makes every one happy. I even kinda have to have a pacifier after dinner to fall asleep. Not every time! I'm not a baby.
This time, it was a tug toy. Lottsa times, it's a bone. I guess I'll always love mouth stuff!

This year, I don't care about no Christmas tree either! I haven't even licked it. I'm a good doggie. I wonder if I'll get prezzies? Mom was wrapping a prezzie for my cousin, Dee Dee the lab. I got all sniffy and wondered why she wasn't giving that rawhide to me!

That's it for now. I'm still going for walks. I needs a harness now since I know how to slip my collar like a champ. I love to go for rides, even to the bestest vet. I make my people laugh everyday. I still do my wind up and splat routine when I get comfie on the floor. Mom says, "that dog's a trip." Not sure what she means. We're not going on a trip, are we?

Merry doggie Christmas everyones!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feeling so much better!

Did I tells y'all I been feeling kinda punky for the last 3 weeks? Did I?

My favorite doctor thought it was mange. I'm not mangy! He scraped the boo boo and said it wasn't mange, but something about how it would be easier if it was cause there's a doggie treatment that works purty good. Then for the next few days, my food tasted funny and I gots a lot of peanut butter that tasted funny. (She was on antibiotics for 10 days. It didn't heal, so she started a tapering dose of steroids, which ended yesterday.) I licked and licked and licked and it itched like a billion zillion fleas, but I don't have any fleas!
Lookie me yesterday! I's feeling good enough to jump on my table and view my kingdom. I likes to stand here and look and look and sniff and sniff. My mom and dad don't use this one anymore, so they gave it to me in the trees. The doggies before me loved the table. How could they get rid of it?

My itchies are gone! I'm trottin, jumpin, and playing with my toys again.

But guys, when you take the stereos, you poop and poop and pee and pee and yous so hungry you could eat a moose! But I's still slender. 62 pounds of pure muscle. I sleeped a lot too. I gots real lazy.

See that thing? That's my favoritist toy. My not fur sister used to play basketball 15 years go and I finded her ball one day. It was under leaves in the woods. I been playing with it all 2-3/4 years of my life. I love that dead ball. My mom says it's dead, but it's alive every time I pick it up and play with it and dad's feet. I do pretend bites when we play. He laughs and I just plays some more!

See? It's just the bestest.

Mom signed up for a walkie walk to stomp out diabetes. I'mma have to train her again. We're gonna be doing a lot of walks. I love my walking string, so I can't wait. She's got the 'betes and hopes that other people get luckier than her. I don't have the 'betes, but 2 of my cat cousins do.

So, I usually say puppy out, but I'm almost not a puppy anymore. I'mma be 3 years old in August!

Abbey out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I'm baaaaaaack!

Okays, I never left, but my mom has been bizzy. She's been reading Frank and Ernest's doggie bloggie and Shawnee's blog. She told me all about Shawnee's vacation and picinicking with F&E. Lucky dogs!

(Don't tell Abbey, but we're going to the park today before it gets too hot. She's been recovering from a weird skin thing on the back of her hind legs and her steroid journey is just about over. It's been a boring several weeks for both of us while she heals.)

Oh my dog, y'all. My elbows been so itchy. I lick and lick and lick and it still doesn't stop. Not so much anymore, though. Mom's been making my food taste really weird for a few weeks. Sometimes she gives me funny tasting peanut butter. She talks all sweet and stuff, but I have her number.

Last week, she taked a walk in the yard, something about 12 times around is a mile. I wasn't feeling it. I got my lazy going and there I stayed while she walked and walked and walked. I's a long dog!

Later, I got to hippity hopping on the deck. Mom was like, gotta take a snappie snap of this! Lookie what she found. One of my green friends, no fur!, up on the window. Is spring a thing? Mom said it a lot that day.
Know what's good about my dad's knee? Sometimes he puts snackie snacks on it. I's a CheezItAholic. It's true. I can eat my 62 pounds in weight in CheezIts. No CheezIts on dad's knee today.
And here's the bestest thing. I'm a looker upper. That I am! I never did figure out what was making that noise up there. You can see my shiny new collar here. I gots too big for the old one. This one's all loosey goosey. I don't ever try to get out of it. My necklace is just plain purty!
That wasn't the bestest thing. This is. We have a couch that moves back and forth on the front porch. Mom goes there with her snappie snap taking machine and reads. I reads too. I just do it different. This is the most dogtastic ever, putting my head over her leg and helping her figure out the words.

So you can see, I been a little lazy. My back legs aren't as itchy as they were and mom doesn't say "grooosssss" when she cleans them anymore. I's not gross. I'm the bestest dog ever. She says that too.

I promise to try to get more snappie snaps and make mom write again. I gots lots of tails to tell. (See what I did there?)

Puppy out!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hi guys and stuff!

Hi guys and peoples too. I gots a new ball. I get to show my teef when I play with it. That was in October. I've growed a little more since then.

Here's my bestest favoritist video of all, though. I love snow! I love the crunch, the taste, the cold, and how it feels weirdly like home. My peoples think they can trick me by throwing the ball in the snow. I's too smart for that. Baroof!

Lots has been happening in my life. Mostly, mom's trying to make me more "socially acceptable." What the dog does that mean? I'm very social. I loves to greet the new peoples when they come out of the house, I loves to go run and find people a mile away when the gate is left open (that was a very skeery adventure; don't tell mom, but I's pretty sure I was losted), and I loves to get up in between people and lick like there's no doggy tomorrow whenever I can. I hears my people talk about "intrusive," but I'm not sure what that means. I'm only 1-1/2 years old, mom!
Here I am today. Mom says I'm a slim dog. My bestest vet doctor says I'm purrrfectly healthy just as I am thankyouverymuch. Baroof! I eats when I want and I don't eats when I don't want. My hoomans are just jealous cause they don't have my dogtabalism.

But, I has a little problem. My mom likes to go walking for miles sometimes. She gots to keep those new knees in shape. Anyways, I get a little crazy on the walking string. I like to do the walking and the pulling and I wanna sniff when I wanna sniff and when we get close to back to the car, I wanna do the dragging of my moms. I gets biskies and water and stuff, but mom says we has some work to do.

Today, she got out the walking string and (she think I didn't see this) a pocket full of mini biskies. I knows those are the ones for walks, so I was already buh cited! When I saw that walking string, I bout had a cow. Yippee! We's going for a ride and a walk! But that's not what happened.

She made me sit and wouldn't let me sit by the outside door. Huh? She said "watch me" so's I did, and I got a biskie. I headed for the door and she told me no way Jose, and said "watch me" again so's I did and I got a biskie. Okay, I see what's happening here. She wants me to keep my doggie trained eyes on her. She finally put on that walking string and headed for the back door. What?? That's not the way to the take me places machine.

We walked a lot in the yard. We turned a lot. I did my best watching when she said "watch me," and my best stopping to sit when she did her clicky thing with her mouf. (I heard her say that maybe I'm a clicker dog and not a food reward dog. Not sure what that means either, but it sure made her happy.) Every time I tried to lead, she stopped dead until I came back to her. Then she clicked, said "watch me" and gave me a biskie. I could like this new game. I'm not a big eater, but I do loves me some biskies.

After a while, she asked me to sit, gave me a biskie and loves, and then took off the walking string. I ran like the wind. I loves to run. I puts my ears back and just take off. I go around and around the yard like a racing pony. I heard her saying "run, run, run, Abbey, run, run, run." I thinks she likes me runnin too. I runnded until I was tarred and got some water and went to the back door to get back in.

Now you knows why my tongue is hangin in the pitcher.

And here's me now:
Mom gives me her water bottles when she's done cause I love to get them ready for the recyclin bin. Sometimes, I use them as a pacifier so I can go to sleep. Don't judge! I'm still a puppy!

Know what? That walkin string training was almost fun. I can't wait to do it again. I also can't wait to go back on the road and help mom with her 8K walking training. I'm the bestest trainer ever.

Buh bye for now. Baroof on my doods and doodettes.  

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's my sorta birf day!

I made it 11 months, people. Can you believe it? As much mischief as I get into, I'm so glad mom and dad keeped me. Baroooof LOL

Larry the Cable Dog came to visit the other day. He's kinda laid back. I ranned a lot more than he did. Dad and Larry the Cable Dog's mom tried to get us to play. I thinked we were just fine. He gave me a little nippy nip here and there. Okay, Larry the Cable Dog, I get it. You not gonna play wif me! Sheesh, those 3-year-olds can get so silly sometimes. I was big time tired all day after LTCD left. I hads me some big fun.

Then, guess what! I had a spa day yesterday at my favorite doctor's office. The nice girl gave me a baff and then her and bunches of other people trimmed my nails. Then they stuck something in my butt... .ouch! Mom says that's so I can hang out with other dogs and not get a weird doggie cough. When mom came to pick me up, the doctor lady told her that I was a bit hyper, what? Ooops, shiny object.

I got to take a ride in the car twice! On the way home, after dragging mom across the parking lot cause she's not real good on the walking string yet, I got to feeling that rumble of the potty monster. I hadda go. I hadda go now! I didn't know how to tell mom, but I was twirlin in my seat and not paying much attention to the R-I-D-E. By the time we got to our road, I spoke my concerns aloud. Whiinnnnne. Mmmf, mmmf, mmmf, whinnnne. She opened the door and zoom, to the woods. Whew! I almost didn't make it. I'm a good pooper, though, and would never mess up mom's ride-mobile.

I slept like whoa last night. I was so tuckered that I fell asleep with my toy in my mouf. Of course, mom got the snappy snappy thing out so she could show you.
I'm a good sleeper, huh?
And, I'm tarred again today. 

It's dark outside, y'all. I think it's time for puppy out. I'mma take my 57-pound self and hit the hay. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I tried out my big bark today. I can bark like whoa now. I sound like a big, big dog. I may only be 11 months old, but I could scare just about anything. Don't tellem I'm a wuss and would lick them to death. Mom wants me to be her first alert system. Whazzat mean???

Mom opened the glass and let me on the wooden yard. I ran down the steps and onto the dirt yard and lookie there! A huge black legless lizzerd! That legless lizzerd stuck up its head at me and I baroofed. I baroofed like loud. I heard mom on the wooden yard running. She don't run! She started t'hollerin for me to come in. I was protectin her from the legless lizzerd and stood my ground. I gots spiky hair and it was standing up all down my back. I feels fierce when my mohawk goes to work.

But here's the best part. My mom kept askin me to come in and then she gots the thing that squirts water and squirted the legless lizzerd a lot. Then she tried to squirts me, but I'm too smart for that. I ran up on the wooden yard and to the big glass. I tricked her, I did. She tossed down the water squirter and came up to the wooden yard with me, and in we went! And guess what? Here's the bestest part. Chicken jerky! I gots a piece cause I'm a good barker!

(P.S. I went back out later and Mr. Black Snake was gone. All that was left was a dry outline on the ground where the water squirter was aimed at him to encourage his exit, stage left. Abbey was amazing. She was sure to not get too close to the snake. High praise was given for her early warning system! - Mom)

Did I mention I can drive now? I parked the car for mom.  
My hooman sister, Allison, gots me this really cool toy that mom puts plastic bottles in. They make the best noise ever.

Puppy out!