Thursday, December 20, 2012

Children and Teef

While I was taking my mom out for a drag this morning, I got to finkin. I wish I could have gone to Newtown, CT to help. Chirren getting shot makes me sad. And I knows I could make peoples feel better! But I don't have my badge yet and not very good 'bedience. I'm learnin' though! I can't wait till I can be petted by hoomans who need just a minute with a dog. I'll be a good dog for that. I'll be the bestest ever. I just knows it! In the meantime, I send out puppy thoughts to everyone who wants them.

Guess what? I'm getting big teef. Lookie here!
I was chewing my rawhide and mom noticed my big teef. You know those hoomans. They gotta get their cameras and go snappy snap for everything. I think I was cute enough, don't you?
Member my big dog visit? They gived me the rawhide. I just love it a million trillion times. I love it so much that my hooman bought me more! 
That's a better pitcher of the rawhide. 

Now, for the fun stuff - I loves to play fetch! Camera time again. I'm a fetcher in training, so I'm not so good yet, but I'll get it! 
Here's me playing with Sidney, the bossy dog, and Biscuit, the lover dog. I know it's not from today, but barowf, who cares? It was this weekend, so it still counts.

Okay frienz, it's time to go out for another walkie. I see mom getting my walking string ready again. Let's all send some good barky thoughts to our friends in CT. Those golden retrievers that went to visit did a real good job. They's my heroes.
Happy Christmas!!!. Here's some mistletoe in case you need another reason to kiss my cutie pie face, but don't let me eat it! It'll make me sick or make me dead. No fank you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Those big dogs sure can run!

Know what? I got to go see the big dogs again. We runned and runned. That Shiloh is a big time runner. She's training for search and rescue with Deb. They make a good pair.
That's me and Deb. I'm being a nosy nose and Deb is petting Shiloh. Deb has a thingie on her neck. She had surgery. I heard that word "surgery" at the vet the other day. What in the werld? I wonder if Deb had to get fixed too! That white thing is supposed to be a dog. Her name is Sidney Graham. 
 Member my hidey hole from last time? I'm almost too big for it now! (I was not the one to spill the water on the doggie play house. Really I wasn't. Wait? What's this? My snout is growing!)  
Shiloh and I played peek-a-boo a lot. She's my bestest friend. 
Hey, here's a pitcher of Kody on the string. Amy was trying to get Kody to not be so barky, but Kody is a really good barker! I was playing with Deb and Sidney was prolly snarling at me. She was a little bossy, you know. I didn't care. I had funz anyway.
Know what's the bestest? Frozed water. We had a bowl of it. Shiloh and me shared. Ain't we cute? No bitey, no snarly, and no teef, cept on the ice. It felt real good on my growed up teef that are coming in. 
See what I means about Sidney? The chase was on!
Amy wanted me to meet Biscuit again. I likes me some Biscuit. He likes me too much, though.
I thinks he and I will be friends after I stop smelling like a romantic partner. I don't want no sweet sweet doggie wuv. He loves to sniff my buttski. 
After playtime, we went inside and had rawhide and biskies. I love rawhide a hundred million trillion times! I never had it before and it was the bestest. 
I was pooped! When we got home, I curled up in my best reindeer position and slept like wow. I'm growing so fast now that I need a little extra sleep. Yeah, that's my excuse. 

I had such a fun time with the big dogs. Kody, Shiloh, Boogie, and Biscuit are the bestest. The hoomans, Deb and Amy, ain't so bad either. I get to run, chase tennis balls, play, jump, have a treat, go for a ride in the car, and sleep like the bestest sleep ever when it's all done. Do I have a good life or what?
 After my nap, I went in the cage to play with my doll. I stoled it from mom the other day. She laughed so much and I was so cute. She went ahead and just let me have it. It used to have clothes on it. Lookit how big I is in my bed.  I thinks I be growin!
I'm having new adventures every day. Mom got me a rawhide donut and that's just the bestest on my teef. You should see my new big dog teef! They're huge. No more bitey for me. I get to go out back and run every day and soon, there will be a fence. Mom bought a new toy that makes a lot of noise and blows air and leaves all over me. It's the best fun chasing those leaves! One thing I don't like is when a truck goes by. I run away when I hear one. That's a good thing, right? I been going for lots of rideys in the car too. I'm a good car rider, almost as good as I am a good pooper!

That's it for now folksies. We're waiting for Santa Paws here in Virginia. I don't know what that is, but my hoomans are putting up lights and pretty things for me to look at. It's all up real high where I can't get it for some reason.
Merry Christmas Peoples!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Charming, I feel charming, I feel charming and smarming and barowf!

Charming is my middle name folks. I'm so charming, I've not had so much time to write on the doggie bloggie, but here I is!

Lesseeee..... what's been up and keeping me on my paws? I had fun today for sure. Mom's got this really cool box of fabrics. They're so soft and smell so good. I like to chew on the corner of the box. It's just sitting there waiting for my choppers. I'm teething, you know. Today, I got the box open and found all the fabric prizes inside!  Look at my cute little left leg. Sees how I curl it? I do that alla time. When I was inside my doggie mom, I was with 7 other dawgs, and well, it was a tight fit. Flexible might be my middle name?
I had funs with the fabric. I gave mom my bestest innocent look when she taked the picture. That other box? That's got something that needs to be mailed, but I don't care. I'm the best box corner chewer on the planet, so I fixed that box too. You're welcome, mom!
Sometimes, though, being charming is exhausting and I just gots to take a cat nap, I mean a dog nap! 
After my nap, I went to jail, but mom came back! Then you knows what? A guy came over and put in a big swooshy washy the dishes machine. I had to go into the other room with mom behind the gate cause I was frisky and playful and the guy needed space for his tools and stuff. That swooshy machine smells funny and when he opened it, there was water inside! No ice cubes though. They go in my water bowl so I can take them out and play with them on the carpet. I'm a good ice cube eater. Maybe the best.

I had an adventure to Petco again. You ever been there? Oh my dog (thanks for the phrase, Shawnee!), there are so many sniffable spots. I met a Shelty there and we did some kissy kissy. All the peoples say I'm softer than most German Shepherds. I kinda feel like a lamb, whatever that is. Anyways, I got to meet the trainer guy who is gonna be my teacher. He's gonna get me started on my road to therapy dog. The worst thing, the worst thing, the worst thing... mom and dad bought another gate. It lives on the stairway now. I can't go upstairs alone for a while cause you remember, right? I'm a good pooper. A real good pooper. Sometimes, it's just easier to go upstairs to do that. When I did it last time, mom smelled my bref and you guessed it, snack poop! What does "That's it!" mean?

It's a tough job being so charming. Whatever a weed is, I'm growing as fast as one. My legs are getting so long and they help me when we play fetch. I can fetch a ball at least three times now before I get sick of the game. I love it when mom says "goooood girlllll." 

Hey, I thought my name was Abbey. How come I feel like I should answer to "No bites!"? hahahaha No more holes in mom's arm, though. I'm done with that. 
Mom got an iPhone so now she takes more pitchers. I just sit here and look cute! That's it for now! Barowf!

Support homeless pet shelters for me, okay? I'm a lucky dog to have my hoomans. Every dog needs one. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The doctor loves me too!

What a day, guys. It's only half over and already, it's been super exciting. I got to go see Dr. Kinkaed. He thinks I'm the bestest.
I kinda like him too. He gives me biskies! What's there not to like? They told mom I was 23 pounds of fluff and stuff. I gained 6 pounds! I'm a good grower. He stuck me with needles a few times and then you know what? He stuck a thing in my butt. I tried to tell him I was a good pooper, but he gotta check the poops. Look at me smiling with him and the assistant! I telled them about the dogggie bloggie and they thought that was real cute, like me! I got to meet some doggies in the front room after walking around outside and checking messages. Man, oh man, there were a million trillion messages. My nose is tired just from that. Mom and Dr. K kept saying something needed to be fixed. I don't know what's broken, but we're gonna go back in January to fix it. I'mma get a chip then too. Are chips delicious? Dr. K thinks I'll make a good therapy dog. Barowf! I knowed that! I'mma visit nursing homes, I think .I loves older people.

The other day, My Allison came by. We played shoe and lap stuff and I gots lots of love.

 Later on, I got bitey and found my box. It's my box, right? That corner tasted mighty good.
That mom is funny. She keeps thinking my toofies hurt. She puts this crazy bone in the frigerator and gives it to me. I gotta say, it does feel sooooo good. I just hold it in my mouf and wowsers, it's the bestest.
I keep reading about Shawnee and chicken jerky. She's a big doggie who does hikes with seniks and her hooman. Mom's a copy cat, so she got some chicken jerky. You know what? That stuff makes me go num num num and float to the sky it's so good.

Mom and Paw were in the yard with a clickity county thing. They said it's for a fence thingie. All I know is I got to chase Paw and run, run, run all around. No walking string when I'm in the back yard!

I'm plum tuckered out right now. Going to the vet and being the bestest in the office makes me wanna sleeeeeppppp....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Biskie on peeples!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun week! I am puppy, hear me roar!

Mundaze - It was a jail day. Mom tossed me in and left to go poolin. But I told you that last time. Did I show you this cool video? That mom. She doesn't want me to sleep sometimes. She's all playing with my paws and stuff, even when I gots a great lap to sleep in! You know what? Mom left again for the theaters rehearsal and I stayed with dad. I wouldn't poop for him cause I'm a little stinker sometimes.
Know what I did? I woke up and ate her toes. Take that! Barowwwwf!
Well, I ate her toes until she gave me my favorite knots. They feels purrrrfect on my teeth. I'm growing new ones, you know.
Toozdaze - I am gonna be a baseball catcher, I think. Mom tossed a tennis ball and I runned after it and then I bringed it back! Just when I thought we were done, she tossed it again. I runned again and bringed it back again. I'm amazing! After three times, I didn't care anymore. I saw my bone and went for that instead. I loves my bone. I do, I do. Maybe I'll be the ball dog instead. Then, I had me a visit with three hotdogs - Eeepie, Boy, and T-Bird. Boy wasn't very interested in my cuteness, so he went in the bedroom. T-Bird went with him to keep him company. So, it was just me and the Eeep. She let me sniff her and stuff. First I had to pretend like I was all scared and stuff, and sit real close to mom on the couch. I even pretended to shiver some. That's how smart I am. I'm a good pretenderer. Okay, I really was skeered, but don't tell!  Mom got bored and made a pitcher to see how much I have growed.
I don't fit so good in my bed anymore. I wonder if she'll get me a new one.

Wednesdayz - To jail with me! Know what mom did? She locked herself out of the house. Barowf! She had to sit on the porch while I sat in jail and she had to wait for Tom (my hooman brother) to come home and let her in. That meant that I didn't have to stay in jail. I gave my blankie (what covers my jail) what for, though. I think one more time and I'll have it just about right. The holes are bigger than the blankie, mom says. My Allison (my hooman sister) came to visit and stayed for a long, long time. After dad went to bed, I snitched his workboot from the stairs and Allison got to pitcher taking. She thinks I'm cute too!

I love that boot. A million billion times I do.

Thursdaze - I got to go back and see the hotdogs! Boy wasn't there. Whew. He skeers me. T-bird and Eepie were home, but T-bird was really mad at me for some reason and tried to eat my tail. I didn't do nuffin wrong! To the bedroom she went. I tried to be perfect and charming, but I guess T-bird was just tired and wasn't gonna have any of it. Eepie was grumpy, but she let me sniff her butt again. Dang, that's a fun thing to do! I took a really big explore of the yard this time. I didn't need no walking string (as Shawnee calls it) cause the yard has a fence. That got me to thinkin', but more about my thinkin' later. I slept like whoa that night.

Frydaze - Whoo hoo, y'all. I got to go to Busch Gardens with Tom. Well, we didn't go to the park and ride the rides, but we did go to lots of offices and saw lots of people who love me soooo much. One person thought I was one of the park's wolf cubs and wondered where my handlers were. She doesn't know what I say barowf instead of oww oww oww owwwwooooo. Hoomans! Mom didn't have to put me in jail! I was good for dad when mom went to theaters again. 

And now it's Saturdaze! This is my big day! Barking of big.. I met some big dogs today - Shiloh, Cody, Biscuit, and Boogie. Boogie was a lil bit nervous, so we didn't play too much. Biscuit wanted to sniff my butt and try to make babies with me, so he went inside for a while. Shiloh and Kody and me played ball and hide and seek and all sorts of games in the yard for a long long time. It was great peoples. I tells ya. Big doggies are fun! Here's a buncha pitchers that my hooman friend, Amy, took:

Look at the long legs on that black dog!

Shiloh said "oh hai" a lot!

Mom used this ball chucker for me and Shiloh and Kody.

See? Kody has a star on her chest.

Which one is Shiloh and which one is Kody? I'm the cute one in the middle. That's mom with the hands in her pocket where my biskies live.

Can I come wif you?

You can't see me. I'm in my hidey hole.

Shiloh found me though!

Does Kody's shadow look like a goat? I don't fink so. We's purty, though.

Loved the water in that bowl. I did lots of slurpin'.

And here I am being cute. 

And now I waits for my Allison to come home. I'm not sure I can stay awake. I'm so sleeeeeepy. I think I'll take a cat nap. Y'all have a great weekend and run in the sun when you can!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Take me to the river, drop me in the water...

Wowsers, another fun weekend, guys! Mom and dad taked me to the river again. This time, we were on the Colonial Parkway about halfway between Jamestown and Williamsburg. We seed this sign, but mom forgot her phone and her camera, so no pictures this time!
The road was really noisy in the car. I didn't like that too much, but I'm brave, so I got over it. Plus, how scary can the werld be when you's sitting in dad's lap?

We walked on the beach on the James River, and I tell ya, there were a million, billion messages waiting for me everywhere! We saw dog prints of so many different sizes and goose prints. Goose prints! How'd they get to the beach? Mom walked a little slower than me and dad. Her fake knees work though! She'll be catching up with us real soon.

I saw the best leaf blowing in the wind. I ran to get it and dad had to run too. I gots the leaf and guess what? It blew away again. Me and dad runs good, though. We kept catching the leaf and it kept flying away. Before you know it, I was trying to catch the river with my teef. That's a big gink of wawa (as mom used to call it when she was a tot walking the same beach!). It din't taste good, but I kept trying to catch it. We seed some other dogs and I didn't even run away or tug or nuttin. I was hopin to say hi to the other dogs, but they went up the hill with their hooman.

I'm gettin real good on my leash, so we walked and walked and walked and then went back up the hill and got back in the car for another drive on the bumpy road. Dad didn't care that my belly and feets were wet. He's cool like that. I don't remember much of the ride home. I rode with my eyes closed all wrapped up in dad's lap. It was just the bestest. I'll get that river next time!

Later, mom got all giggly and stuff and said my haunches were boo-tee-ful.
See? I'm getting my winter furz and you can see right through it. I's just cute like that.

And now it's Monday. That mom. She hadda go to her exercise/rehab thingie and guess where I got to go. That's right. Jail. I calls it my den when the door is open. I goes in there alla time and curl up in my bed, take my speshul biskies there, and sometimes, I just wanna be alone, ya know? But I hate to be allllll alone. I cry and stuff and then guess what I do? I take the blankie from the top of the jailhouse and use my teef to drag it through the jail bars. I almost have it the way I like it now. See? The teef marks are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Barowf!
That's me behind it playing with my bone. Door was open, so I took it in. You may notice there's no fluffy pad on the floor of my den. That's cause I messed it up with rug bits while mom was gone. She stoled it. I been hearing machine noises from the garage. She better bring my fluffy pad back. You don't stealz my blankie or my fluffy pad!

No oopsies or indoor poopsies today! I rool. Until next time, chase a leaf and feel the wind my friends. It's a boo-tee-ful werld out there.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just another non manic Saturday

La dee dah. I'm a dawg. I love me some dawg stuff to do! This is my favorite pull toy. It's a sock in a sock in a sock. Kinda like doggie inception sock! My hooman doesn't pull hard, though; I still gots puppy teeth. That camera sure makes me look like I gots devil eyes! Look at how vicious I am in the middle picture. I am girl dawg! Hear me roar! Barowf! Helen Reddy would be proud.

As it turns out, I like these sodie bottles mom has. They make a good crunchy sound without crunchin! She drinks. I chew. It's great like that around here. I'm not sure why, but she takes these away after I gets em just right! I'mma have to teach her not to do that. She's stilll learning her obeedeeince.
There's a really good thing that my hoomans do. The feed me!
I gots my own bowl on my own mat. Lindsey, the dawg that was here afore me used the mat too, but I gots new bowls. That's me drinking some H20. My legs are getting so much longer and making me so much taller! I'm not gonna fit in my tiny spots much longer. And I'mma need a new bed. Lookie at this one - I's smaller here. That was 2 weeks ago. (There's not even a prison cage in this pitcher!)
Nuttin speshul today other than being me. No poopsies inside and only one little wee wee oopsie. Mom's not as fast as me in the morning and sometimes it's hard to make it to the door after a long sleepy night.

I did get my frisk on once or three or four times. That's what I do best, besides eatin, sleepin, poopin, and peein. I wonder if there are adventures coming tomorrow.

Puppy out!