Monday, November 26, 2012

Take me to the river, drop me in the water...

Wowsers, another fun weekend, guys! Mom and dad taked me to the river again. This time, we were on the Colonial Parkway about halfway between Jamestown and Williamsburg. We seed this sign, but mom forgot her phone and her camera, so no pictures this time!
The road was really noisy in the car. I didn't like that too much, but I'm brave, so I got over it. Plus, how scary can the werld be when you's sitting in dad's lap?

We walked on the beach on the James River, and I tell ya, there were a million, billion messages waiting for me everywhere! We saw dog prints of so many different sizes and goose prints. Goose prints! How'd they get to the beach? Mom walked a little slower than me and dad. Her fake knees work though! She'll be catching up with us real soon.

I saw the best leaf blowing in the wind. I ran to get it and dad had to run too. I gots the leaf and guess what? It blew away again. Me and dad runs good, though. We kept catching the leaf and it kept flying away. Before you know it, I was trying to catch the river with my teef. That's a big gink of wawa (as mom used to call it when she was a tot walking the same beach!). It din't taste good, but I kept trying to catch it. We seed some other dogs and I didn't even run away or tug or nuttin. I was hopin to say hi to the other dogs, but they went up the hill with their hooman.

I'm gettin real good on my leash, so we walked and walked and walked and then went back up the hill and got back in the car for another drive on the bumpy road. Dad didn't care that my belly and feets were wet. He's cool like that. I don't remember much of the ride home. I rode with my eyes closed all wrapped up in dad's lap. It was just the bestest. I'll get that river next time!

Later, mom got all giggly and stuff and said my haunches were boo-tee-ful.
See? I'm getting my winter furz and you can see right through it. I's just cute like that.

And now it's Monday. That mom. She hadda go to her exercise/rehab thingie and guess where I got to go. That's right. Jail. I calls it my den when the door is open. I goes in there alla time and curl up in my bed, take my speshul biskies there, and sometimes, I just wanna be alone, ya know? But I hate to be allllll alone. I cry and stuff and then guess what I do? I take the blankie from the top of the jailhouse and use my teef to drag it through the jail bars. I almost have it the way I like it now. See? The teef marks are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Barowf!
That's me behind it playing with my bone. Door was open, so I took it in. You may notice there's no fluffy pad on the floor of my den. That's cause I messed it up with rug bits while mom was gone. She stoled it. I been hearing machine noises from the garage. She better bring my fluffy pad back. You don't stealz my blankie or my fluffy pad!

No oopsies or indoor poopsies today! I rool. Until next time, chase a leaf and feel the wind my friends. It's a boo-tee-ful werld out there.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just another non manic Saturday

La dee dah. I'm a dawg. I love me some dawg stuff to do! This is my favorite pull toy. It's a sock in a sock in a sock. Kinda like doggie inception sock! My hooman doesn't pull hard, though; I still gots puppy teeth. That camera sure makes me look like I gots devil eyes! Look at how vicious I am in the middle picture. I am girl dawg! Hear me roar! Barowf! Helen Reddy would be proud.

As it turns out, I like these sodie bottles mom has. They make a good crunchy sound without crunchin! She drinks. I chew. It's great like that around here. I'm not sure why, but she takes these away after I gets em just right! I'mma have to teach her not to do that. She's stilll learning her obeedeeince.
There's a really good thing that my hoomans do. The feed me!
I gots my own bowl on my own mat. Lindsey, the dawg that was here afore me used the mat too, but I gots new bowls. That's me drinking some H20. My legs are getting so much longer and making me so much taller! I'm not gonna fit in my tiny spots much longer. And I'mma need a new bed. Lookie at this one - I's smaller here. That was 2 weeks ago. (There's not even a prison cage in this pitcher!)
Nuttin speshul today other than being me. No poopsies inside and only one little wee wee oopsie. Mom's not as fast as me in the morning and sometimes it's hard to make it to the door after a long sleepy night.

I did get my frisk on once or three or four times. That's what I do best, besides eatin, sleepin, poopin, and peein. I wonder if there are adventures coming tomorrow.

Puppy out!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Frisk to the nth degree

I don't think mom likes me too much today. Neither does dad. I dint do nuttin wrong! I am a puppy and I gots puppy energy. Theys old folks and don't have my energy. Barowf!

Mom left me this morning with dad and I put him through the paces. I felt pretty bitey today and he tastes so good, so we played "bite the daddy," cept he dint like it too much. He finally just took me outside and I got to sniff for messages for a long time. Mom finally came back and dad left with his boom stick. He went out in the woods to bang bang for a while. I heard it, but it didn't bother me. I'm a brave girl!

Dad got to watch over me again later and it was like whoa. He wasn't into my bities again. When mom came back, dad wasn't lookin too happy. I think I wore him out. He said "I have had puppy up to here." Where is here? Is that a good thing? I like things up to here as long as I can reach them.

You know what's the best thing in the werld? TURKEY! I got some nibbles while mom was cooking. I sniffed for about a half hour looking for more and guess what? It fell right from the sky, that turkey did. Nom nom nom. Turkey makes me very happy. I want mores, mores, mores!

Here's the bestest part, though. It's dark and I'm tired. If you think about it, I only pooped in the house once today, no pee pees. I only gave mom 2 new bitey marks, none for dad. I didn't bite Tom when he came home today at all. And I only got squirted twice. Not too bad for a puppy lumpkins like me. Plus, I sleeps cute, don't I?
Mom calls these naps my life savers. Wonder what she means by that. Until later! Stay frisky, my friends.

(P.S. I'll be better tomorrow, mom and dad, I promise!)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Early Thanksgiving Day turns into Later Thanksgiving Day

Wowsers, both my hoomans got up with me this morning. Out we went. No oopsies inside for me! We came inside and mom went right back to bed. Then, guess what? I got to ride in his dad's big truck. I was whiney at first, but I got over it. We went to a place that had a big yellow M growing out of the ground, but there were no other hoomans around. I wonder what that was all about. Mom finally got up at the crack of 1 p.m. and then Allison came in! I am so happy happy happy, a million times happy, maybe a trillion billion. She's the one who takes me places Happy Thanksgiving! I give thanks cause my people took me to the York River State Park again and I even got to get my feetsies wet in the river! I saw so many people. Every one of them would stop and say hey. I am the cutest, you know. How could you not stop and talk to me?

That's me and dad on the pier. I was ready to keep running, but that derned string kept me on the pier. I got to do the footsies in the water thing later.

I'm so tired now. I gotta get some sleepiecakes. I think I'll .... zzzzzzz

What, what, what? Where did all that time go? Being a puppy is hard work and I can sleep like a champ, I tell ya. Oh look, there's an empty box. Wonder what's in it?
Well, maybe there's something in the box? What do you think? 
Wowsers! If I put my head alla way in, I can lick up the essence of cake gone by! (P.S. Mom took the box away right after this. She knew I'd eat the whole derned thing! Barowf!)

The hoomans ate a lot and I didn't get nuttin. I did get lots of hugs from my Allison. She loves me, you know. I'm so lovable!
But you know what? She got on the floor. Yippeeeeee! Time to get all nippy and playful again. 
I'm a warrior dog. Yeah. I wonder how Allison would taste in my doggie bowl. We rolled and played and I gave her a million, billion, trillion kissies. She laughs pretty good too. Yay for people time on the floor. Mom got on the floor with me later. The bloggie won't let me put up her pitcher though. I don't get it ::::scratches head with paw:::::

I'm sure Thanksgiving isn't over yet, but I tell ya, I'm so tarred.... I ... think.... I'll ... lay .... down....for a .....z..z....z..zzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big, dangerous explore!

Wow, guys. It's not all crunch leaves around here.

Mom took me out and we walked around like she wants to do all the time, and I sniffed something interesting. I started following the smell right on down the driveway. I think they call it that cause the hoomans drive their cars there and put them away.

Anyhow! Mom walked behind me, calling my name. She doesn't run so much. She has fake knees. Doesn't matter. I'm smart enough to know that if a hooman is walking behind me, that just means they want me to walk faster. I ran and got to the hard stuff that wasn't covered with crunchy leaves. It smelled like dad's truck! There were rocks next to the hard black thing and a stick with a funny box on top of it. There were a million, billion, trillion messages there and I sniffed every one of them at least twice. Then a big noise and a whoosh of wind and mom was calling even louder! She kept saying "no" for some reason. I saw the car, mom. You don't have to yell.

Nose down, I wasn't paying attention to mom, who was still calling my name and talking louder now. She scooped me up and carried me away from what she kept calling "the road." When I could see the house again, she put me down and guess what I did? I ran back to the hard stuff and the rocks!

Here comes mom, running after me, but I am faster and smarter. I got all the way across the road this time. Whooosh of wind and loud noise, and mom was saying my name loud, loud, loud! I sorta stopped to check messages on the other side of the road and poof! She swooped down and picked me up again. This time, she carried me alla way back to the house. She didn't put me down until we were inside.

Did I do something wrong? I'm just a dawg, a little dawg, and I'm curiouser and curiouser. I sniff, I crunch leaves, I follow my messages. I'm doing what a dawg would do. I'm not sure what she was all upset about, but she was all out of breath and stuff when we got inside and she told dad what happened. I plopped down on the floor to get some shuteye.

Oh, by the way, the next time I got to go outside, dad put the string on me. I'm not sure I like that string, but mom says it will keep me safe. Barowf! Until next time.

Thank goodness I'm cute, right?

Bonez and Shoe

I'm a wild animal and I have tracked and caught the wildebeest! Grrrrrr. I am going to tear it from limb to limb and make my next meal out of it.  I pounced and now I shake it, shake it, shake it, and show it who's the wolfiest of them all! Me!

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Mom will tell you that's an old shoe of hers. She lets me have it so I won't eat the shoes that she and dad wear. It workz! I'm a one shoe kinda gal. But I'm vicious. See?

The wildebeest shoe is one of my favorite toys. I go back to it over and over and over. I have another shoe. Mom doesn't think I know about it, but I do. She took the laces out of that one so she can give it to me in jail. Like that will make me like jail or something, huh? Mom thinks she's crafty. Barowf!

Here's my other favorite toy. But there's something wrong with the picture! Sometimes, mom puts a teeny weenie bit of peanut butter inside my bone and ooohhh.... it makes me feel like the cartoon dog that floats up in the sky. You know the one. You give him a biskie and he dances and hugs himself and then, poof, he floats cause it's just so doggone good!

But like I said, there's something missing from that bone picture. A very important thing is missing! ME!!!

That's more like it. Ain't I something?

I gots up way early this morning, just like mom likes it, and then I did my bizness. I smelled about a million trillion billion visitors in the yard and sniffed for a long time. I wonder if I'll ever meet the deer, 'coons, skunkie stinkies, and other critters that hang out here? There's a lot of woods out back where they must live with all the birdies I hear all day. I'm not sure I like the hootie owls. They make loud noises and sometimes sound like they scream. It sure makes me stop where I am and look around when I hear them. But that's another story for another night. They weren't out there this morning when I was checking messages.

I visited Shawnee's blog today. She's all grown up and stuff. You can follow her adventures and her love of chicken jerky, power naps, and seeniks if you clickie on her bloggie in my list. She's my hero. I wanna be just like her!

I hope you have a wildebeest kind of day too. I gots more toys to show you, but that's it for now!

Happy day before Puppysgiving! Barowf!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bizzy bizzy!


Time to take a break and blog with mom. It's been a crazy bizzy weekend and I gots lots of pictures to share with you! Who knew that on Friday the weekend was going to start off like a bang?

I'm a popular kid. It's cause I'm so cute and cuddly. I sneak in a toe bite from time to time, but that's my job. I gotta let these people know who's boss. Barwof!

 Then, you know what? Mom had put me in jail again went out yard saling. Hey! I thought I was supposed to go with her! I call shenanigans. Barowf!

Shiloh and Boogie's moms came to visit! That's Amy holding me and mom beside us. It was school picture day! I did my best to be the bestest puppy ever. Amy and Deb love dogs so much. I can tell by the way they played with me and talked to me and played with me and held me and played with me. It was great!
Here's Deb. She and Shiloh do search and rescue and have a Facebook page! Deb's funny. She says I should be a SAR dog. har har har Mom said no way. She's not going to hang out in the woods! Cracks me up to even think about it!
 I took a power nap after they left. Being cute is hard work, I tell ya! Mom said my legs have grown so much and all that growing makes me tuckered out. What does she know?                     
Allison and Tom met Anna down at Colonial Williamsburg and made me walk and be cute. Anna brought  dogs with her too! They looked like hot dogs!
I  was all frisky and crazy at first, but by the time we were done, we were best frienz! We got all kissy kissy.  Then guess what? Allison spent the night with me on the loveseat! Am I a lucky pup or what?

But the weekend wasn't over yet. I slept like whoa and got up early Sunday. Mom got to keep sleeping. Dad was my puppy playtoy for the a.m. hours. Hahaha. I don't remember putting any new holes in his hand, but I sure did try! I love to chew hands. What's really cool is grabbing my hooman's hand and just holding it in my mouth without biting down. Mom says Lindsey used to do that like she was holding her hand or somefin. It's neat how us GSDs are a lot alike and yet we're so different!

Uncle Mike came over on Sunday. He brought Meredith, Corrine, and Shelby. But most of all, they brought me a squeaky elephant. I can't get enough of it! That Uncle Mike is nutty. But he was smart to sit in a chair. Look what I did with Shelby cause she was on the floor! Barowf!
Here's Corrine and Meredith.
Here's the hefalump. I love it, I love it, I love it. Did I mention I love it? It makes the best noises ever. I even fell asleep with it. It's just the greatest thing in the werld. I want a million billion trillion of them. Dad says he's never had a dog that likes squeaky things. Guess what, pops? I love me a squeaker! A million, billion, trillion times love!
It was a bizzy like whoa weekend. The rest of Sunday was pretty quiet. I had a few oopsies on the floor, but I just couldn't focus! I was so ready to go the next place, play with the next person, or just plain old be cute and run and jump and frisk and all that groovy puppy stuff. 
Amy took this picture of me. Mom loves it cause of the shadows n stuff. My ears are straightening up too. This is my spot on the recliner. You'll see me here a lot. I still have to have help getting up, but it won't be long. I'm a leaper, ya know. 

Now it's Tuesday morning. I don't even know what happened to Monday! I went to jail, but I didn't care so much. I've just about killed the blankie mom puts on top of the cage. She thinks I like it cause it makes it more cave-like. 

It sure is good to be a puppy. Barowf! Until next time. Keep chewing, my friends. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mom! Mom! Mom!

It's 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and lazy bones, I mean my loving mom, is still snoozing. I think I'll nudge her a bit. That's not working! Okay, let's walk on her a bit. Nope, she just turns the other way. Wait a she peeking? I know! Licking her face should work. Naw. Maybe I'll nibble her fleas out of her hair. My doggie mom liked that. Dang. She just turned her head again and made that sleeping noise. I guess I'll just sit here and be cute till she opens that fluttering eye. I swear she's peeking. And she's vibrating. And I think I hear a chuckle. Ooooh, her eyes opened. Let's go! Time to be cute and eat something. But first, I gotta pee and pooh and check my mail in the yard. Speaking of yard, what is this thing "yard sale" she keeps talking about?

By the way, I hate that squirtie thing. It makes a hissing noise like Gabby and Lucy and George and Lewis, my cousins, the cats. Then it rains! I hear a loud "NO!" and then "fsssssst" and then dagnabbit, I'm a little wet. I wonder if I stop biting mom's hand if she'll stop the squirtie. That's how smart I am. I figure this stuff out! Wow! It's 7:30 already......

.........I'm trying to keep my eyes open, cause. I haven't finished chewing on dad's sweatshirt. I think I'll nibble a little more and wait, maybe if I put my head down it will be easier, or maybe if I close my eyes I can concentrate a little better, or maybe if I ........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's a pisser to live so well

I'm like a little shedevil when mom puts me in jail. I'm trying to make her think I hate it, but I really don't. I go in and out of it all day. I wonder if the jig is up? I almost fall asleep in there sometimes. She keeps calling it a cave, but we all know she means jail. Crazy human. she left me again today! Can you believe it? She gave me a few toys and made sure I was safe, and poof, she was gone. It must have been 6 months later when she returned. I thought she was never, ever, ever coming back, but she did! I piddled a bit in my bed I was so pissed off at first. I won't do that again. How'm I supposed to sleep in that bed with pee in it? That mom, though. She's something else. She took the bed out and gave it a good washing. I wonder if she knows I'll still smell the pee? Barowf!

My humans put some of my toys in a really cool box. I like the box almost better than the toys. Cardboard is like a gourmet doggie treat! It's okay. I just poop it out. I'm a good pooper. You should see me! Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff all around the room and then out the front door we go. Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff all around the yard and then into the woods I go, squat, pooh, sniff, sniff, try to eat it (mom picks it up and puts it in a plastic bag; another treat gone!), then pooh again. I don't hear any tick or tock, but mom says it's like clockwork. Like I said, I'm a good pooper.

I slept almost 8 hours last night. You can't ask for more from me. I think that's my limit.

I wish you could hear this great squeaky toy I have. Dad says that no other dog that lived here (and I can smell them all) has actually squeaked a squeak toy. I do! I love it.

Time to chew on mom for a bit. Barowf for now.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dun had it again!

I think I've 'bout had it with all this pitcher takin! I think I'll eat the camera strap.

Watch out werld! I've been in Williamsburg a week and have hoodwinked these good people into making me a member of their family. My master plan is working!

Purty quiet today

I was unlawfully imprisoned again today. Mom has a weekly appointment on Thursdays and put me in that derned cave again. Browf! I showed her, though. The blankie she spread on top of the cave? I had it almost all the way IN the cave by the time she got home. There are about 50 billion holes in it now. You know what she did? She put it back on top the cave.

When I heard her open the door about 100 hours later, I yapped and yelped and started jumping up on the side of the cave again. It was crazy time. She came back! Can you believe it? She came back! Once she opened the door, we hugged and I gave her 100,000 kisses, and then we went outside. I helped her get the groceries out of the car and sniffed the bags for contraband. All's well on the grocery bag front! You're welcome, mom.

We had a bunch of adventures outside today. I helped with gardening, locating pooh for mom to pick up, and watering the yard whenever I could. You should see it. Leaves, crunchy underfoot stuff, everywhere! And I could spend all day with my nose to the ground. I smell at least two other dogs, squirrels, deer, lizards, snakes, and all sorts of other critters that have left me tree mail. They know not to come here now that I am in the hood!

I gots ear boogers. Dr. K said so. Mom has to clean them out and put medicine in, but I don't care. I just sit in her lap and let her do it.

Dad gave me a sweatshirt of his. It sure helps me know that I have something that smells like my people. It's my new snuggle thing.

Now, I'm just plain tuckered out. Somewhere between the hearth and under the recliner, I found a spot to go kersplat. I like being in tight spots almost as much as I like being splayed out in the middle of the room. 'Scuse me now, I got ZZZzzz's to make.

P.S. Mom, if you're reading, I really don't like being alone. You can leave that new age music on till the cows come home, but I'm still not gonna like it. Barowf!

New postie

I’m getting used to this crate thing. So far, I seem to prefer running in and hanging on my bed, but tonight, my human brother, Tom, gave me a pillow and after cavorting and being cute with it in my mouth, I high tailed it for my bed and loved it for a little while. Mom says I don’t seem to be inclined to tear up things like a pillow (YET!).
What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? 

Oh hai! (Photos & FB)

“Oh hai. Welcome to my life. I'm a dog. I was born in Staunton, VA to Edelweiss and Aladar. I’ll check with their mom to see if I can post their pictures here so you can see them. As of today, I’m 16 pounds of energy and teeth. My family picked me up on November 8. I remember it well….. More to come!”

Ain't I cute? This is a picture from October 23. When mom was visiting Auntie Winnie in Phoenix, she saw this picture and fell in love. She sent it to dad and that was that. See that fuzzy fur around my neck? That's one of the things that mom oooohed and aaaaahed over. I could almost hear her in Staunton saying "That's the one!" 

Mom emailed Lisa, my first human mom, and they talked on the phone, and before you know it, mom sent Lisa a deposit via dad mail in Virginia. I had 7 sisters and brothers, and we were a nutty bunch, but all of us have big hearts and loves to give. I was the last to go, but that's cause new mom couldn't come get me till she flew back to Virginia. 

I arrived in Williamsburg on November 8, and I kinda like it here. I have a green squeaky bone that mom brought home from her trip and my human sister, Allison, brought me some chewie things too. Here's all the stuffies mom put on her Facebook page: