Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Big, dangerous explore!

Wow, guys. It's not all crunch leaves around here.

Mom took me out and we walked around like she wants to do all the time, and I sniffed something interesting. I started following the smell right on down the driveway. I think they call it that cause the hoomans drive their cars there and put them away.

Anyhow! Mom walked behind me, calling my name. She doesn't run so much. She has fake knees. Doesn't matter. I'm smart enough to know that if a hooman is walking behind me, that just means they want me to walk faster. I ran and got to the hard stuff that wasn't covered with crunchy leaves. It smelled like dad's truck! There were rocks next to the hard black thing and a stick with a funny box on top of it. There were a million, billion, trillion messages there and I sniffed every one of them at least twice. Then a big noise and a whoosh of wind and mom was calling even louder! She kept saying "no" for some reason. I saw the car, mom. You don't have to yell.

Nose down, I wasn't paying attention to mom, who was still calling my name and talking louder now. She scooped me up and carried me away from what she kept calling "the road." When I could see the house again, she put me down and guess what I did? I ran back to the hard stuff and the rocks!

Here comes mom, running after me, but I am faster and smarter. I got all the way across the road this time. Whooosh of wind and loud noise, and mom was saying my name loud, loud, loud! I sorta stopped to check messages on the other side of the road and poof! She swooped down and picked me up again. This time, she carried me alla way back to the house. She didn't put me down until we were inside.

Did I do something wrong? I'm just a dawg, a little dawg, and I'm curiouser and curiouser. I sniff, I crunch leaves, I follow my messages. I'm doing what a dawg would do. I'm not sure what she was all upset about, but she was all out of breath and stuff when we got inside and she told dad what happened. I plopped down on the floor to get some shuteye.

Oh, by the way, the next time I got to go outside, dad put the string on me. I'm not sure I like that string, but mom says it will keep me safe. Barowf! Until next time.

Thank goodness I'm cute, right?


  1. Abbey, Abbey, you has so much to learn. You gots to keep your pawrents on the walking string so you can make them keep up with you!

  2. Shawnee, welcome! It's strings alla time now. I gots lots to learn for sure. Can't survive on cuteness forever!