Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bizzy bizzy!


Time to take a break and blog with mom. It's been a crazy bizzy weekend and I gots lots of pictures to share with you! Who knew that on Friday the weekend was going to start off like a bang?

I'm a popular kid. It's cause I'm so cute and cuddly. I sneak in a toe bite from time to time, but that's my job. I gotta let these people know who's boss. Barwof!

 Then, you know what? Mom had put me in jail again went out yard saling. Hey! I thought I was supposed to go with her! I call shenanigans. Barowf!

Shiloh and Boogie's moms came to visit! That's Amy holding me and mom beside us. It was school picture day! I did my best to be the bestest puppy ever. Amy and Deb love dogs so much. I can tell by the way they played with me and talked to me and played with me and held me and played with me. It was great!
Here's Deb. She and Shiloh do search and rescue and have a Facebook page! Deb's funny. She says I should be a SAR dog. har har har Mom said no way. She's not going to hang out in the woods! Cracks me up to even think about it!
 I took a power nap after they left. Being cute is hard work, I tell ya! Mom said my legs have grown so much and all that growing makes me tuckered out. What does she know?                     
Allison and Tom met Anna down at Colonial Williamsburg and made me walk and be cute. Anna brought  dogs with her too! They looked like hot dogs!
I  was all frisky and crazy at first, but by the time we were done, we were best frienz! We got all kissy kissy.  Then guess what? Allison spent the night with me on the loveseat! Am I a lucky pup or what?

But the weekend wasn't over yet. I slept like whoa and got up early Sunday. Mom got to keep sleeping. Dad was my puppy playtoy for the a.m. hours. Hahaha. I don't remember putting any new holes in his hand, but I sure did try! I love to chew hands. What's really cool is grabbing my hooman's hand and just holding it in my mouth without biting down. Mom says Lindsey used to do that like she was holding her hand or somefin. It's neat how us GSDs are a lot alike and yet we're so different!

Uncle Mike came over on Sunday. He brought Meredith, Corrine, and Shelby. But most of all, they brought me a squeaky elephant. I can't get enough of it! That Uncle Mike is nutty. But he was smart to sit in a chair. Look what I did with Shelby cause she was on the floor! Barowf!
Here's Corrine and Meredith.
Here's the hefalump. I love it, I love it, I love it. Did I mention I love it? It makes the best noises ever. I even fell asleep with it. It's just the greatest thing in the werld. I want a million billion trillion of them. Dad says he's never had a dog that likes squeaky things. Guess what, pops? I love me a squeaker! A million, billion, trillion times love!
It was a bizzy like whoa weekend. The rest of Sunday was pretty quiet. I had a few oopsies on the floor, but I just couldn't focus! I was so ready to go the next place, play with the next person, or just plain old be cute and run and jump and frisk and all that groovy puppy stuff. 
Amy took this picture of me. Mom loves it cause of the shadows n stuff. My ears are straightening up too. This is my spot on the recliner. You'll see me here a lot. I still have to have help getting up, but it won't be long. I'm a leaper, ya know. 

Now it's Tuesday morning. I don't even know what happened to Monday! I went to jail, but I didn't care so much. I've just about killed the blankie mom puts on top of the cage. She thinks I like it cause it makes it more cave-like. 

It sure is good to be a puppy. Barowf! Until next time. Keep chewing, my friends. 

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