Thursday, November 22, 2012

Early Thanksgiving Day turns into Later Thanksgiving Day

Wowsers, both my hoomans got up with me this morning. Out we went. No oopsies inside for me! We came inside and mom went right back to bed. Then, guess what? I got to ride in his dad's big truck. I was whiney at first, but I got over it. We went to a place that had a big yellow M growing out of the ground, but there were no other hoomans around. I wonder what that was all about. Mom finally got up at the crack of 1 p.m. and then Allison came in! I am so happy happy happy, a million times happy, maybe a trillion billion. She's the one who takes me places Happy Thanksgiving! I give thanks cause my people took me to the York River State Park again and I even got to get my feetsies wet in the river! I saw so many people. Every one of them would stop and say hey. I am the cutest, you know. How could you not stop and talk to me?

That's me and dad on the pier. I was ready to keep running, but that derned string kept me on the pier. I got to do the footsies in the water thing later.

I'm so tired now. I gotta get some sleepiecakes. I think I'll .... zzzzzzz

What, what, what? Where did all that time go? Being a puppy is hard work and I can sleep like a champ, I tell ya. Oh look, there's an empty box. Wonder what's in it?
Well, maybe there's something in the box? What do you think? 
Wowsers! If I put my head alla way in, I can lick up the essence of cake gone by! (P.S. Mom took the box away right after this. She knew I'd eat the whole derned thing! Barowf!)

The hoomans ate a lot and I didn't get nuttin. I did get lots of hugs from my Allison. She loves me, you know. I'm so lovable!
But you know what? She got on the floor. Yippeeeeee! Time to get all nippy and playful again. 
I'm a warrior dog. Yeah. I wonder how Allison would taste in my doggie bowl. We rolled and played and I gave her a million, billion, trillion kissies. She laughs pretty good too. Yay for people time on the floor. Mom got on the floor with me later. The bloggie won't let me put up her pitcher though. I don't get it ::::scratches head with paw:::::

I'm sure Thanksgiving isn't over yet, but I tell ya, I'm so tarred.... I ... think.... I'll ... lay .... down....for a .....z..z....z..zzzzzzzzzzz

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