Friday, November 23, 2012

Frisk to the nth degree

I don't think mom likes me too much today. Neither does dad. I dint do nuttin wrong! I am a puppy and I gots puppy energy. Theys old folks and don't have my energy. Barowf!

Mom left me this morning with dad and I put him through the paces. I felt pretty bitey today and he tastes so good, so we played "bite the daddy," cept he dint like it too much. He finally just took me outside and I got to sniff for messages for a long time. Mom finally came back and dad left with his boom stick. He went out in the woods to bang bang for a while. I heard it, but it didn't bother me. I'm a brave girl!

Dad got to watch over me again later and it was like whoa. He wasn't into my bities again. When mom came back, dad wasn't lookin too happy. I think I wore him out. He said "I have had puppy up to here." Where is here? Is that a good thing? I like things up to here as long as I can reach them.

You know what's the best thing in the werld? TURKEY! I got some nibbles while mom was cooking. I sniffed for about a half hour looking for more and guess what? It fell right from the sky, that turkey did. Nom nom nom. Turkey makes me very happy. I want mores, mores, mores!

Here's the bestest part, though. It's dark and I'm tired. If you think about it, I only pooped in the house once today, no pee pees. I only gave mom 2 new bitey marks, none for dad. I didn't bite Tom when he came home today at all. And I only got squirted twice. Not too bad for a puppy lumpkins like me. Plus, I sleeps cute, don't I?
Mom calls these naps my life savers. Wonder what she means by that. Until later! Stay frisky, my friends.

(P.S. I'll be better tomorrow, mom and dad, I promise!)

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