Friday, November 16, 2012

It's a pisser to live so well

I'm like a little shedevil when mom puts me in jail. I'm trying to make her think I hate it, but I really don't. I go in and out of it all day. I wonder if the jig is up? I almost fall asleep in there sometimes. She keeps calling it a cave, but we all know she means jail. Crazy human. she left me again today! Can you believe it? She gave me a few toys and made sure I was safe, and poof, she was gone. It must have been 6 months later when she returned. I thought she was never, ever, ever coming back, but she did! I piddled a bit in my bed I was so pissed off at first. I won't do that again. How'm I supposed to sleep in that bed with pee in it? That mom, though. She's something else. She took the bed out and gave it a good washing. I wonder if she knows I'll still smell the pee? Barowf!

My humans put some of my toys in a really cool box. I like the box almost better than the toys. Cardboard is like a gourmet doggie treat! It's okay. I just poop it out. I'm a good pooper. You should see me! Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff all around the room and then out the front door we go. Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff all around the yard and then into the woods I go, squat, pooh, sniff, sniff, try to eat it (mom picks it up and puts it in a plastic bag; another treat gone!), then pooh again. I don't hear any tick or tock, but mom says it's like clockwork. Like I said, I'm a good pooper.

I slept almost 8 hours last night. You can't ask for more from me. I think that's my limit.

I wish you could hear this great squeaky toy I have. Dad says that no other dog that lived here (and I can smell them all) has actually squeaked a squeak toy. I do! I love it.

Time to chew on mom for a bit. Barowf for now.

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