Saturday, November 24, 2012

Just another non manic Saturday

La dee dah. I'm a dawg. I love me some dawg stuff to do! This is my favorite pull toy. It's a sock in a sock in a sock. Kinda like doggie inception sock! My hooman doesn't pull hard, though; I still gots puppy teeth. That camera sure makes me look like I gots devil eyes! Look at how vicious I am in the middle picture. I am girl dawg! Hear me roar! Barowf! Helen Reddy would be proud.

As it turns out, I like these sodie bottles mom has. They make a good crunchy sound without crunchin! She drinks. I chew. It's great like that around here. I'm not sure why, but she takes these away after I gets em just right! I'mma have to teach her not to do that. She's stilll learning her obeedeeince.
There's a really good thing that my hoomans do. The feed me!
I gots my own bowl on my own mat. Lindsey, the dawg that was here afore me used the mat too, but I gots new bowls. That's me drinking some H20. My legs are getting so much longer and making me so much taller! I'm not gonna fit in my tiny spots much longer. And I'mma need a new bed. Lookie at this one - I's smaller here. That was 2 weeks ago. (There's not even a prison cage in this pitcher!)
Nuttin speshul today other than being me. No poopsies inside and only one little wee wee oopsie. Mom's not as fast as me in the morning and sometimes it's hard to make it to the door after a long sleepy night.

I did get my frisk on once or three or four times. That's what I do best, besides eatin, sleepin, poopin, and peein. I wonder if there are adventures coming tomorrow.

Puppy out!


  1. Yup Looks comy to me. My boss makes he sleep in the garage. but I do get to come in the house. It ain't so bad cause we do lots and lots of hikes in the State Park. Be a good puppy now.
    Baron from Minnesota...

  2. Hey troutbirder! Thanks for stopping by. I did have some adventures this weekend, but my mom forgot the camera, so no pitchers. I'll write about it later. Minnesota - that's a lot colder than Virginia. I bet you loves it!