Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mom! Mom! Mom!

It's 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and lazy bones, I mean my loving mom, is still snoozing. I think I'll nudge her a bit. That's not working! Okay, let's walk on her a bit. Nope, she just turns the other way. Wait a she peeking? I know! Licking her face should work. Naw. Maybe I'll nibble her fleas out of her hair. My doggie mom liked that. Dang. She just turned her head again and made that sleeping noise. I guess I'll just sit here and be cute till she opens that fluttering eye. I swear she's peeking. And she's vibrating. And I think I hear a chuckle. Ooooh, her eyes opened. Let's go! Time to be cute and eat something. But first, I gotta pee and pooh and check my mail in the yard. Speaking of yard, what is this thing "yard sale" she keeps talking about?

By the way, I hate that squirtie thing. It makes a hissing noise like Gabby and Lucy and George and Lewis, my cousins, the cats. Then it rains! I hear a loud "NO!" and then "fsssssst" and then dagnabbit, I'm a little wet. I wonder if I stop biting mom's hand if she'll stop the squirtie. That's how smart I am. I figure this stuff out! Wow! It's 7:30 already......

.........I'm trying to keep my eyes open, cause. I haven't finished chewing on dad's sweatshirt. I think I'll nibble a little more and wait, maybe if I put my head down it will be easier, or maybe if I close my eyes I can concentrate a little better, or maybe if I ........zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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