Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh hai! (Photos & FB)

“Oh hai. Welcome to my life. I'm a dog. I was born in Staunton, VA to Edelweiss and Aladar. I’ll check with their mom to see if I can post their pictures here so you can see them. As of today, I’m 16 pounds of energy and teeth. My family picked me up on November 8. I remember it well….. More to come!”

Ain't I cute? This is a picture from October 23. When mom was visiting Auntie Winnie in Phoenix, she saw this picture and fell in love. She sent it to dad and that was that. See that fuzzy fur around my neck? That's one of the things that mom oooohed and aaaaahed over. I could almost hear her in Staunton saying "That's the one!" 

Mom emailed Lisa, my first human mom, and they talked on the phone, and before you know it, mom sent Lisa a deposit via dad mail in Virginia. I had 7 sisters and brothers, and we were a nutty bunch, but all of us have big hearts and loves to give. I was the last to go, but that's cause new mom couldn't come get me till she flew back to Virginia. 

I arrived in Williamsburg on November 8, and I kinda like it here. I have a green squeaky bone that mom brought home from her trip and my human sister, Allison, brought me some chewie things too. Here's all the stuffies mom put on her Facebook page:

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