Monday, November 26, 2012

Take me to the river, drop me in the water...

Wowsers, another fun weekend, guys! Mom and dad taked me to the river again. This time, we were on the Colonial Parkway about halfway between Jamestown and Williamsburg. We seed this sign, but mom forgot her phone and her camera, so no pictures this time!
The road was really noisy in the car. I didn't like that too much, but I'm brave, so I got over it. Plus, how scary can the werld be when you's sitting in dad's lap?

We walked on the beach on the James River, and I tell ya, there were a million, billion messages waiting for me everywhere! We saw dog prints of so many different sizes and goose prints. Goose prints! How'd they get to the beach? Mom walked a little slower than me and dad. Her fake knees work though! She'll be catching up with us real soon.

I saw the best leaf blowing in the wind. I ran to get it and dad had to run too. I gots the leaf and guess what? It blew away again. Me and dad runs good, though. We kept catching the leaf and it kept flying away. Before you know it, I was trying to catch the river with my teef. That's a big gink of wawa (as mom used to call it when she was a tot walking the same beach!). It din't taste good, but I kept trying to catch it. We seed some other dogs and I didn't even run away or tug or nuttin. I was hopin to say hi to the other dogs, but they went up the hill with their hooman.

I'm gettin real good on my leash, so we walked and walked and walked and then went back up the hill and got back in the car for another drive on the bumpy road. Dad didn't care that my belly and feets were wet. He's cool like that. I don't remember much of the ride home. I rode with my eyes closed all wrapped up in dad's lap. It was just the bestest. I'll get that river next time!

Later, mom got all giggly and stuff and said my haunches were boo-tee-ful.
See? I'm getting my winter furz and you can see right through it. I's just cute like that.

And now it's Monday. That mom. She hadda go to her exercise/rehab thingie and guess where I got to go. That's right. Jail. I calls it my den when the door is open. I goes in there alla time and curl up in my bed, take my speshul biskies there, and sometimes, I just wanna be alone, ya know? But I hate to be allllll alone. I cry and stuff and then guess what I do? I take the blankie from the top of the jailhouse and use my teef to drag it through the jail bars. I almost have it the way I like it now. See? The teef marks are getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Barowf!
That's me behind it playing with my bone. Door was open, so I took it in. You may notice there's no fluffy pad on the floor of my den. That's cause I messed it up with rug bits while mom was gone. She stoled it. I been hearing machine noises from the garage. She better bring my fluffy pad back. You don't stealz my blankie or my fluffy pad!

No oopsies or indoor poopsies today! I rool. Until next time, chase a leaf and feel the wind my friends. It's a boo-tee-ful werld out there.


  1. Hey Abbey
    My dad sez he was there too long time ago. Maybe he'll go back and bring me too. I love to hike with him. We go to nearby State Parks now cuz it deer hunting season and big as I am... well you get the problem..
    take care,

  2. Baron, if you comes to Virginnie again, bark at me and we'll walk together.