Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Charming, I feel charming, I feel charming and smarming and barowf!

Charming is my middle name folks. I'm so charming, I've not had so much time to write on the doggie bloggie, but here I is!

Lesseeee..... what's been up and keeping me on my paws? I had fun today for sure. Mom's got this really cool box of fabrics. They're so soft and smell so good. I like to chew on the corner of the box. It's just sitting there waiting for my choppers. I'm teething, you know. Today, I got the box open and found all the fabric prizes inside!  Look at my cute little left leg. Sees how I curl it? I do that alla time. When I was inside my doggie mom, I was with 7 other dawgs, and well, it was a tight fit. Flexible might be my middle name?
I had funs with the fabric. I gave mom my bestest innocent look when she taked the picture. That other box? That's got something that needs to be mailed, but I don't care. I'm the best box corner chewer on the planet, so I fixed that box too. You're welcome, mom!
Sometimes, though, being charming is exhausting and I just gots to take a cat nap, I mean a dog nap! 
After my nap, I went to jail, but mom came back! Then you knows what? A guy came over and put in a big swooshy washy the dishes machine. I had to go into the other room with mom behind the gate cause I was frisky and playful and the guy needed space for his tools and stuff. That swooshy machine smells funny and when he opened it, there was water inside! No ice cubes though. They go in my water bowl so I can take them out and play with them on the carpet. I'm a good ice cube eater. Maybe the best.

I had an adventure to Petco again. You ever been there? Oh my dog (thanks for the phrase, Shawnee!), there are so many sniffable spots. I met a Shelty there and we did some kissy kissy. All the peoples say I'm softer than most German Shepherds. I kinda feel like a lamb, whatever that is. Anyways, I got to meet the trainer guy who is gonna be my teacher. He's gonna get me started on my road to therapy dog. The worst thing, the worst thing, the worst thing... mom and dad bought another gate. It lives on the stairway now. I can't go upstairs alone for a while cause you remember, right? I'm a good pooper. A real good pooper. Sometimes, it's just easier to go upstairs to do that. When I did it last time, mom smelled my bref and you guessed it, snack poop! What does "That's it!" mean?

It's a tough job being so charming. Whatever a weed is, I'm growing as fast as one. My legs are getting so long and they help me when we play fetch. I can fetch a ball at least three times now before I get sick of the game. I love it when mom says "goooood girlllll." 

Hey, I thought my name was Abbey. How come I feel like I should answer to "No bites!"? hahahaha No more holes in mom's arm, though. I'm done with that. 
Mom got an iPhone so now she takes more pitchers. I just sit here and look cute! That's it for now! Barowf!

Support homeless pet shelters for me, okay? I'm a lucky dog to have my hoomans. Every dog needs one. 

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