Thursday, December 20, 2012

Children and Teef

While I was taking my mom out for a drag this morning, I got to finkin. I wish I could have gone to Newtown, CT to help. Chirren getting shot makes me sad. And I knows I could make peoples feel better! But I don't have my badge yet and not very good 'bedience. I'm learnin' though! I can't wait till I can be petted by hoomans who need just a minute with a dog. I'll be a good dog for that. I'll be the bestest ever. I just knows it! In the meantime, I send out puppy thoughts to everyone who wants them.

Guess what? I'm getting big teef. Lookie here!
I was chewing my rawhide and mom noticed my big teef. You know those hoomans. They gotta get their cameras and go snappy snap for everything. I think I was cute enough, don't you?
Member my big dog visit? They gived me the rawhide. I just love it a million trillion times. I love it so much that my hooman bought me more! 
That's a better pitcher of the rawhide. 

Now, for the fun stuff - I loves to play fetch! Camera time again. I'm a fetcher in training, so I'm not so good yet, but I'll get it! 
Here's me playing with Sidney, the bossy dog, and Biscuit, the lover dog. I know it's not from today, but barowf, who cares? It was this weekend, so it still counts.

Okay frienz, it's time to go out for another walkie. I see mom getting my walking string ready again. Let's all send some good barky thoughts to our friends in CT. Those golden retrievers that went to visit did a real good job. They's my heroes.
Happy Christmas!!!. Here's some mistletoe in case you need another reason to kiss my cutie pie face, but don't let me eat it! It'll make me sick or make me dead. No fank you!


  1. OMD, I used to get in big time troubles when I got my big teefs coz I used to sink them into MOM all the time, BOL. Only she did not LOL. She would stick her thumb in my mouf and hold my tongue down and it was BLECH and so I stopped sinking my new teefs into mom coz it was not fun no more. Sigh. Such abuse us dogs has to endure during our puppyhoods.

  2. BOL, that Shawnee is funny. Little brofurs got big shiny puppy teeth too. He be learning too but he's getting much better. Play bows miss AbbeyRoad,