Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun week! I am puppy, hear me roar!

Mundaze - It was a jail day. Mom tossed me in and left to go poolin. But I told you that last time. Did I show you this cool video? That mom. She doesn't want me to sleep sometimes. She's all playing with my paws and stuff, even when I gots a great lap to sleep in! You know what? Mom left again for the theaters rehearsal and I stayed with dad. I wouldn't poop for him cause I'm a little stinker sometimes.
Know what I did? I woke up and ate her toes. Take that! Barowwwwf!
Well, I ate her toes until she gave me my favorite knots. They feels purrrrfect on my teeth. I'm growing new ones, you know.
Toozdaze - I am gonna be a baseball catcher, I think. Mom tossed a tennis ball and I runned after it and then I bringed it back! Just when I thought we were done, she tossed it again. I runned again and bringed it back again. I'm amazing! After three times, I didn't care anymore. I saw my bone and went for that instead. I loves my bone. I do, I do. Maybe I'll be the ball dog instead. Then, I had me a visit with three hotdogs - Eeepie, Boy, and T-Bird. Boy wasn't very interested in my cuteness, so he went in the bedroom. T-Bird went with him to keep him company. So, it was just me and the Eeep. She let me sniff her and stuff. First I had to pretend like I was all scared and stuff, and sit real close to mom on the couch. I even pretended to shiver some. That's how smart I am. I'm a good pretenderer. Okay, I really was skeered, but don't tell!  Mom got bored and made a pitcher to see how much I have growed.
I don't fit so good in my bed anymore. I wonder if she'll get me a new one.

Wednesdayz - To jail with me! Know what mom did? She locked herself out of the house. Barowf! She had to sit on the porch while I sat in jail and she had to wait for Tom (my hooman brother) to come home and let her in. That meant that I didn't have to stay in jail. I gave my blankie (what covers my jail) what for, though. I think one more time and I'll have it just about right. The holes are bigger than the blankie, mom says. My Allison (my hooman sister) came to visit and stayed for a long, long time. After dad went to bed, I snitched his workboot from the stairs and Allison got to pitcher taking. She thinks I'm cute too!

I love that boot. A million billion times I do.

Thursdaze - I got to go back and see the hotdogs! Boy wasn't there. Whew. He skeers me. T-bird and Eepie were home, but T-bird was really mad at me for some reason and tried to eat my tail. I didn't do nuffin wrong! To the bedroom she went. I tried to be perfect and charming, but I guess T-bird was just tired and wasn't gonna have any of it. Eepie was grumpy, but she let me sniff her butt again. Dang, that's a fun thing to do! I took a really big explore of the yard this time. I didn't need no walking string (as Shawnee calls it) cause the yard has a fence. That got me to thinkin', but more about my thinkin' later. I slept like whoa that night.

Frydaze - Whoo hoo, y'all. I got to go to Busch Gardens with Tom. Well, we didn't go to the park and ride the rides, but we did go to lots of offices and saw lots of people who love me soooo much. One person thought I was one of the park's wolf cubs and wondered where my handlers were. She doesn't know what I say barowf instead of oww oww oww owwwwooooo. Hoomans! Mom didn't have to put me in jail! I was good for dad when mom went to theaters again. 

And now it's Saturdaze! This is my big day! Barking of big.. I met some big dogs today - Shiloh, Cody, Biscuit, and Boogie. Boogie was a lil bit nervous, so we didn't play too much. Biscuit wanted to sniff my butt and try to make babies with me, so he went inside for a while. Shiloh and Kody and me played ball and hide and seek and all sorts of games in the yard for a long long time. It was great peoples. I tells ya. Big doggies are fun! Here's a buncha pitchers that my hooman friend, Amy, took:

Look at the long legs on that black dog!

Shiloh said "oh hai" a lot!

Mom used this ball chucker for me and Shiloh and Kody.

See? Kody has a star on her chest.

Which one is Shiloh and which one is Kody? I'm the cute one in the middle. That's mom with the hands in her pocket where my biskies live.

Can I come wif you?

You can't see me. I'm in my hidey hole.

Shiloh found me though!

Does Kody's shadow look like a goat? I don't fink so. We's purty, though.

Loved the water in that bowl. I did lots of slurpin'.

And here I am being cute. 

And now I waits for my Allison to come home. I'm not sure I can stay awake. I'm so sleeeeeepy. I think I'll take a cat nap. Y'all have a great weekend and run in the sun when you can!


  1. Wow! Those ears stood up real nice. I had a problem with that for a bit. But then they did and running thru the grass some folks thought I was a llamba. Wierd...:)

    1. Those ears have a life of their own, Baron! I remember mine blowin in the wind for a wee bit. I'm getting bigger, though, and they stands up real good.