Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The doctor loves me too!

What a day, guys. It's only half over and already, it's been super exciting. I got to go see Dr. Kinkaed. He thinks I'm the bestest.
I kinda like him too. He gives me biskies! What's there not to like? They told mom I was 23 pounds of fluff and stuff. I gained 6 pounds! I'm a good grower. He stuck me with needles a few times and then you know what? He stuck a thing in my butt. I tried to tell him I was a good pooper, but he gotta check the poops. Look at me smiling with him and the assistant! I telled them about the dogggie bloggie and they thought that was real cute, like me! I got to meet some doggies in the front room after walking around outside and checking messages. Man, oh man, there were a million trillion messages. My nose is tired just from that. Mom and Dr. K kept saying something needed to be fixed. I don't know what's broken, but we're gonna go back in January to fix it. I'mma get a chip then too. Are chips delicious? Dr. K thinks I'll make a good therapy dog. Barowf! I knowed that! I'mma visit nursing homes, I think .I loves older people.

The other day, My Allison came by. We played shoe and lap stuff and I gots lots of love.

 Later on, I got bitey and found my box. It's my box, right? That corner tasted mighty good.
That mom is funny. She keeps thinking my toofies hurt. She puts this crazy bone in the frigerator and gives it to me. I gotta say, it does feel sooooo good. I just hold it in my mouf and wowsers, it's the bestest.
I keep reading about Shawnee and chicken jerky. She's a big doggie who does hikes with seniks and her hooman. Mom's a copy cat, so she got some chicken jerky. You know what? That stuff makes me go num num num and float to the sky it's so good.

Mom and Paw were in the yard with a clickity county thing. They said it's for a fence thingie. All I know is I got to chase Paw and run, run, run all around. No walking string when I'm in the back yard!

I'm plum tuckered out right now. Going to the vet and being the bestest in the office makes me wanna sleeeeeppppp....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Biskie on peeples!


  1. OMD, you got turned on to chickun jerkey? Isn't it the bestest? Did you read my last bloggie where I show you how to get TWO fur the price of ONE treat? Furry clever, if'n I do woof so myself. Sorry you got the alien probe up the you-knows-wot. You should has gotted two chickun jerkies just fur that!

  2. I get to go boarding at the vets place. Just to hang out. The girls there take me for walks and play. They tell the boss man they really like it when I stay over cause I'm a "lover" whatever that means....:)

  3. Well a least it wasn't jail day. I like my vet too. He's a good guy. And I get to stay over at his place sometimes.
    Baron .... woof!