Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Those big dogs sure can run!

Know what? I got to go see the big dogs again. We runned and runned. That Shiloh is a big time runner. She's training for search and rescue with Deb. They make a good pair.
That's me and Deb. I'm being a nosy nose and Deb is petting Shiloh. Deb has a thingie on her neck. She had surgery. I heard that word "surgery" at the vet the other day. What in the werld? I wonder if Deb had to get fixed too! That white thing is supposed to be a dog. Her name is Sidney Graham. 
 Member my hidey hole from last time? I'm almost too big for it now! (I was not the one to spill the water on the doggie play house. Really I wasn't. Wait? What's this? My snout is growing!)  
Shiloh and I played peek-a-boo a lot. She's my bestest friend. 
Hey, here's a pitcher of Kody on the string. Amy was trying to get Kody to not be so barky, but Kody is a really good barker! I was playing with Deb and Sidney was prolly snarling at me. She was a little bossy, you know. I didn't care. I had funz anyway.
Know what's the bestest? Frozed water. We had a bowl of it. Shiloh and me shared. Ain't we cute? No bitey, no snarly, and no teef, cept on the ice. It felt real good on my growed up teef that are coming in. 
See what I means about Sidney? The chase was on!
Amy wanted me to meet Biscuit again. I likes me some Biscuit. He likes me too much, though.
I thinks he and I will be friends after I stop smelling like a romantic partner. I don't want no sweet sweet doggie wuv. He loves to sniff my buttski. 
After playtime, we went inside and had rawhide and biskies. I love rawhide a hundred million trillion times! I never had it before and it was the bestest. 
I was pooped! When we got home, I curled up in my best reindeer position and slept like wow. I'm growing so fast now that I need a little extra sleep. Yeah, that's my excuse. 

I had such a fun time with the big dogs. Kody, Shiloh, Boogie, and Biscuit are the bestest. The hoomans, Deb and Amy, ain't so bad either. I get to run, chase tennis balls, play, jump, have a treat, go for a ride in the car, and sleep like the bestest sleep ever when it's all done. Do I have a good life or what?
 After my nap, I went in the cage to play with my doll. I stoled it from mom the other day. She laughed so much and I was so cute. She went ahead and just let me have it. It used to have clothes on it. Lookit how big I is in my bed.  I thinks I be growin!
I'm having new adventures every day. Mom got me a rawhide donut and that's just the bestest on my teef. You should see my new big dog teef! They're huge. No more bitey for me. I get to go out back and run every day and soon, there will be a fence. Mom bought a new toy that makes a lot of noise and blows air and leaves all over me. It's the best fun chasing those leaves! One thing I don't like is when a truck goes by. I run away when I hear one. That's a good thing, right? I been going for lots of rideys in the car too. I'm a good car rider, almost as good as I am a good pooper!

That's it for now folksies. We're waiting for Santa Paws here in Virginia. I don't know what that is, but my hoomans are putting up lights and pretty things for me to look at. It's all up real high where I can't get it for some reason.
Merry Christmas Peoples!

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