Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's my sorta birf day!

I made it 11 months, people. Can you believe it? As much mischief as I get into, I'm so glad mom and dad keeped me. Baroooof LOL

Larry the Cable Dog came to visit the other day. He's kinda laid back. I ranned a lot more than he did. Dad and Larry the Cable Dog's mom tried to get us to play. I thinked we were just fine. He gave me a little nippy nip here and there. Okay, Larry the Cable Dog, I get it. You not gonna play wif me! Sheesh, those 3-year-olds can get so silly sometimes. I was big time tired all day after LTCD left. I hads me some big fun.

Then, guess what! I had a spa day yesterday at my favorite doctor's office. The nice girl gave me a baff and then her and bunches of other people trimmed my nails. Then they stuck something in my butt... .ouch! Mom says that's so I can hang out with other dogs and not get a weird doggie cough. When mom came to pick me up, the doctor lady told her that I was a bit hyper, what? Ooops, shiny object.

I got to take a ride in the car twice! On the way home, after dragging mom across the parking lot cause she's not real good on the walking string yet, I got to feeling that rumble of the potty monster. I hadda go. I hadda go now! I didn't know how to tell mom, but I was twirlin in my seat and not paying much attention to the R-I-D-E. By the time we got to our road, I spoke my concerns aloud. Whiinnnnne. Mmmf, mmmf, mmmf, whinnnne. She opened the door and zoom, to the woods. Whew! I almost didn't make it. I'm a good pooper, though, and would never mess up mom's ride-mobile.

I slept like whoa last night. I was so tuckered that I fell asleep with my toy in my mouf. Of course, mom got the snappy snappy thing out so she could show you.
I'm a good sleeper, huh?
And, I'm tarred again today. 

It's dark outside, y'all. I think it's time for puppy out. I'mma take my 57-pound self and hit the hay. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I tried out my big bark today. I can bark like whoa now. I sound like a big, big dog. I may only be 11 months old, but I could scare just about anything. Don't tellem I'm a wuss and would lick them to death. Mom wants me to be her first alert system. Whazzat mean???

Mom opened the glass and let me on the wooden yard. I ran down the steps and onto the dirt yard and lookie there! A huge black legless lizzerd! That legless lizzerd stuck up its head at me and I baroofed. I baroofed like loud. I heard mom on the wooden yard running. She don't run! She started t'hollerin for me to come in. I was protectin her from the legless lizzerd and stood my ground. I gots spiky hair and it was standing up all down my back. I feels fierce when my mohawk goes to work.

But here's the best part. My mom kept askin me to come in and then she gots the thing that squirts water and squirted the legless lizzerd a lot. Then she tried to squirts me, but I'm too smart for that. I ran up on the wooden yard and to the big glass. I tricked her, I did. She tossed down the water squirter and came up to the wooden yard with me, and in we went! And guess what? Here's the bestest part. Chicken jerky! I gots a piece cause I'm a good barker!

(P.S. I went back out later and Mr. Black Snake was gone. All that was left was a dry outline on the ground where the water squirter was aimed at him to encourage his exit, stage left. Abbey was amazing. She was sure to not get too close to the snake. High praise was given for her early warning system! - Mom)

Did I mention I can drive now? I parked the car for mom.  
My hooman sister, Allison, gots me this really cool toy that mom puts plastic bottles in. They make the best noise ever.

Puppy out!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Quick ketchup

No snappie snaps today. Mom be slackin with the camera!

Strange things happened  yesterday. First, I took mom for a ride and we went to Dr. Kincade's, the best vet in the werld, office. I wuzn't sick or nuttin. Mom wanted flea juice. She puts that on me every month. I ain't got fleas. Not sure why she does it. We lives in the woods, so maybe she is thinking about the ticks I ain't got. Who knows. There's no figuring out a hooman. I gots to sees all my friends, the ladies who wash me, clip my nails, and treat me like a doggie queen. I smelled a bazillion doggies outside and inside. It was like a big kaleidescope party for my nose. Didn't see any doggies, but I knowed they was there. The strange thing was I didn't get a baff, a shot, or even a pedicure. I did get to go for another car ride home. I'm the best car rider ever.

The other strange thing was a very weird smell on my deck. I saw mom earlier talking to a no legged lizard. She smelled like excitement and I got away from her. She was trying to get the no legged lizard out of the container where she grows carrots, but the no legged lizard got away. She kept saying something about a head of copper, but I didn't unnerstand. When I comed back to the deck, I mozied over to the carrot garden and it smelled weird. It smelled like something scary and dangerous. I sniffed up. I sniffed down. I sniffed all around. All I knowed was it was a smell I didn't wanna smell again. Mom smelled like excitement for a long time after that. I calmed her down though. I'm good at that.

My hooman sister keeps trying to teach me to catch Cheezits. Cheezits are god's gift to good doggies. Most of them land on my head. One of these days!

It's time for puppy out! Here's me doing what I do bestest:

Monday, May 6, 2013

I been growin and adventurin!

Hi guys. It's me. I been doin dog stuff and didn't have time to bloggie, but it's time! I took a page from Shawnee's book and made mom take me on a trail at York River State Park.
I was being a lazy butt. I love watching the doggies do their fancy exercise on those agility trials. I heard mom say, "That's it. My dog will not sit and watch television on such a beautiful day!" 

We gots into the car and she grabbed my fancy leash that has a thingie across my chest. I was real good in the car. I'm a good rider, I am. She even put the winder down a little bit so I could snuffle the wind. I hain't done that before, so it was fun city. We got to the park and parked. BOL! That's funny right there. Then we taked off down the sidewalk and the rocky path around the building and the barking lot. Mom's nosy. When we were sittin on the dock watchin the world go by and sayin hi to fishin peoples, she said, "Look, those people over there are going in the woods." So we did too. She said, "Hmm, this way is 1/3 mile and that way is 1/2 mile; let's go that way." So we did. And here is how it looked.
She unhooked half of the fancy leash so I could walk without all that grabby pully stuff she does. (I hear ya mom; you want me to walk!). A few years ago, a hurry cane called Isabel came through and boy oh boy, you can sure tell it in the woods. Look at all them broked trees!
This tree had a weird lil hole in it. Purty cool, huh? I betcha boy doggies do their bizness on this stump.
Speakin of stumps. This one here smelled really good. It was just the right amount of icky for my likin. 
Can you tell I'm havin a good time? The rooty trail was real easy for me. Mom went kinda slow. She gots new knees ya know. Alla time reminding me she got those derned knees. I walks just the same fast as she does. We are a team. 
Another Izzybell log. Sniff, sniff, snuffle, snuffle.
Messages! Sniff, sniff, snuffle, snuffle. 
More Izzybell trees. I bet they were purty when they were standing up.
This Izzibell stump still has a trail marker. We didn't get lost, though! 
Mom stopped for a minute. Derned new knees again. We seed a big hill going down. I heard her talking again, "We can either go down or go back. What's it going to be, Abbey?" I tried to tell her I didn't care. But you know what? We went down that hill! I'm a good hill climber. I went real slow so she didn't trip or nuttin. Ain't I somethin?
I founded a fern for mom to snappy snap. I knew she'd want to take a short break on that hill anyway. I'm smart like that. Here's another fern I found for her (I stepped outta the snappy snap for you).

Dis picture is a lil blurry, but we's on top of the hill in this one. If you look very carefully with your hooman eyes, you can see the bridge in the valley. Mom fixed the snappy so you can maybe sees it. I seed it in person and I didn't even try to jump off it and into the creek. 
We got to the end of the trail and headed for the barking lot. Mom hadda do the fancy leash again since there's people in the barking lot. I drinked some water out of her hand and talked to a couple strangers, and then we gots in the car again. Here's our map:
That's a half mile plus the quarter mile we walked afore we found the trail in the Izzybell woods. 
I was too buhcited to sleep in the car. I wanna go again. Can we go again mom? Next time, mom says we take the mile trail. YRSP has lots and lots of trails for doggies, hoomans, and those dumb horses. 

Mom interjects: Yup, we'll do it again. Abbey was amazing at adapting her speed to mine, and thoroughly enjoyed sniffing everything in sight. She went most of the trail with her nose down and tail flying. She still needs to work on her public walking and we'll keep up the leash training, and I hope to be able to use a regular leash soon. Thanks Shawnee for making us think about the trail!

Bark on, my friends. I be 9 months of energy, vitality, skinny, and hardheadedness. My hoomans like me that way.

Puppy out!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just hanging around

The weather's been fine and I been spending lots of time outside. There's a black dog that follows me around alla time when the sun is bright. I try to chase it, but it goes everywhere I go! I wonder if it's related to the German Shepherd that I see in the sliding glass door?

Mom decided to work outside some this week at the pickinik table. I thought it was such a good idea that I hopped up on the table to help. She can't work without my help. I'm a good helper.

Did you know I loves to eat poop? I do. People just don't get it. I heard mom telling dad that she put some stuff on my food to make my poop taste icky. Can they do that? It's a free snack, mom!

I been bring the ball back sometimes. I don't want them to think I know how to drop it yet, but I do. Mom says I'm just triflin. Baroooof! Trifle that!

Anywayz, not much going on around here. Spring be springing and my yard has some amazing smells right now. I'm a good sniffer, sort of, and I know I sawed a squirrel go right through the fence! I'mma catch me a bird one of these days too. I can jump almost as high as they can.

Hope your peoples are planting gardens so you can diggem up! Puppy on, my dogs.

Friday, March 29, 2013

I gots a good grade!

Not so many snappie snaps today cause mom was too busy walkin me. Sorry guys. But guess what? Best day ever, again!

I gots up and had my brekkie, and then took a lil nap. I'm a good sleeper. Then mom said "ride?" and of course I tilted my head and started to the door! She took me to the York River State Park in Croaker, VA.
  That's also where we live, sorta. There's the sign. We do exist! We is real! Baroooof.
Anyways, mom has this fancy new string thing with stuff that goes over my legs to help me stop pulling or something like that.
I doesn't hurt or nothin. She hasta use 2 leashes. But I felt like it was my job to walk instead of jumpy jump and pull and gag. Kinda cool, huh?

We didn't take trails today. This was our firstest time and mom has new knees and and and and.... next time! We did walk on the trails that don't go inna woods. And we seed a buncha stuff! Gooses, a horsie with a person on its back (you ever heard of such a thing?), and a man in black running nowhere. I touched the gooses with my eyes and sniffed their path, but that's it. I hardly noticed the horsie. The man in black said hi to me when he runned by us and I didn't jump or nuthin! I'm a good walker...well, I will be!

We walked to the gazebo and I sniffed a million billion other doggie messages on the way. Then we got to go inside the visitor center so mom could talk to the peoples.
There were doggie messages even in there! And fish and snakes and other critters that mom said were not real. Well if they are not real, what they doing in there??? The nice lady and man who were there said hi to me and did a lot of pettie pet on my head and back. It was greatness. I think they liked me. 

We walked down this path and that path and over there where the geeses were and then back down the other path and around the back and up that path and through the field and back to the path and gee, it smelled terrific. I watched the geese take off and fly away. They flied way up over the trees and I watched the whole thing. They left me a pile of fresh goosie poop. Ain't they the nicest?

When we walked back to the car, mom kept telling me I did a good job on our first try and that we'd have to try this again and again. She telled me I got an A and to shoot for an A+. Our parking pass is good for a week, so maybe tomorrie? Barooof. We got to take another ride in the car and back home. I walked from the car to the yard without a string. I'm getting good about that. I know which outside door is mine, mom! It was good to be back home with my smells and Shiloh smells and my balls, and oh look, a shiny object. 

Mom interjects: Abbey did a great job with the Halti. She pulled and tugged at first, but then I figured out how the double leash works and was able to control her with the chest leash rather than the neck leash. The gagging stopped immediately. By the end of our walk, she was walking at my pace and staying to my left with little prompting. I think she rather likes having the limits. It's sort of freeing to know what the boundaries are; there are infinity possibilities between them!

MOM! This is my doggie bloggie. 

I think I like this park on the river. The water was purty, the trees were purty, the geese were silly, the man running nowhere was nice, the peoples in the office were nice, the lady on the horsie waved at me, and well, I was so tired when I got home that I did my usual nappie (and so did mom; don't tell her I told you.). 

I wonder if Shawnee has been to York River State Park?

Puppy out!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh my goodness! Snappie picture time!

Wowsers, dogs and dogettes, was yesterday the best day ever or what? My BDF came over for playtime and we runned and runned! Debbie, Shiloh's mom, did a lot of snappie snaps. I'll 'spalin them as bestest I can. I'm a good 'splainer.

That's mom sittin at the table. I didn't wanna stay on the deck, so down I went. 
And lookie who was already there! SHILOH, my BDF!
We gots a slow start, but now that mom has blowed all the crunchy off the ground, we gots lots of room to play.
But we still loves the crunchy!
Run, Shiloh! I'mma catch you. We have some 'mazin running muscles. I love the wind in my face. I put my ears back and just run like crazy.
Wait, we gots to sniff stuff first. I gots a feeling there been some critters out here sneaking through the fence. They be small, them squirrels and rabbits. I wonder what it is that's bringing pecans and walnuts into the yard. We don't have those kinds of trees here!
Ain't we just the cutest? My tongue is longer. Shiloh's has more black spots. I gots one, but you can't see it unless I stick it alla way out.
Then Shiloh thought she could catch me! No way, big dog. I'm a lean, mean, runnin machine.
Then guess what? We both gots a brave! It's easier to be climbing the ladder steps with a friend. We stopped about halfway. Debbie tried to get us to come up higher, but not yet. Maybe next time?
Shiloh is gonna be a famous search and rescue dog. Deb helded onto me while Amy hid in the trees so Shiloh could practice finding her. She's purty good at finding! I'm not so good at being held.
We runned along the fence some. That's my favorite place in the yard. Dad takes me out there lots.
Barkin about dad, don't tell him I showed you this, but here's me and him sleepin the other day. We're the best sleepers ever.
After a while, me and Shiloh was getting tuckered, so we decided to go inside. The hoomans thought it was their idea. We gots em wrapped around our paws, we do. 
After our biskies, Deb got on the floor with us. Akshully, Shiloh won't eat my biskies, but Amy, her other mom, brought some that we both nommed. 

Shiloh hadda go home. It took me about 5 minutes to hop up in my chair and nod off. 
I gots a textie from Shiloh. Guess what? She was going nappie nap too! Sleeping like dogs, we wuz.
BUT, that is not the bestest thing of the day. Oh no. I love me some play visits, but guess what, my dogs and dogettes? Guess. You dun guessin? Well, lookie! Here's a hint. Them's my big pawprints.
Here's another hint: That's my yard where I was playin with Shiloh earlier!
Here's my favorite tree. Know why? It's a DOGwood. Mom snappie snaps that tree alla time. 
Of course, I hadda go get a snow butt. I ran, ate, and snuffled in the  white, cold, fluffy. It was some fun! I was some kinda 'cited! We don't get fluffy white stuff a lot. I luvs it. Makes me think of my home generations back. We be Alpine puppies, you know. More snow! More snow! More snow! (Mom interjects - it's the fourth day of spring, daggumit. We'd prefer some warm and dry weather for a little while, thank you very much Ms. Abbey!)
So, my dogs and dogettes, that's it. I hope you had a groovy weekend too. I'm tarred just thinkin about it! I thinks it will be a while before we get more white, cold, fluffy stuff. It's okay. I gots other things to do, like keep growing my belly hair back where they fixed me. I still don't think I was broke. Baroof!
As my hoomans say, "My life is good." It really is. You should get to be a doggie too. It's the bestest ever. 

Puppy out!

Monday, March 18, 2013

I gots a brave!

Mom is a nut. She goes outside and makes noise with a machine that makes the leaves dance. Of course, I gots to go with her cause the back yard is my werld. She telled me that there usta be a buncha kids living here and that the back yard was their werld! Imagine that! She swears there was a zip line, pool, climber, bas'etball hoop, swing set, trampoline, and other stuffs out there, but all I sees now is a house on sticks.

That house on sticks. It keeps calling me. I sniff it and sniff it and can't figure out why its there and why there are messages on the ground. There's a sandbox under it, and it smells really cool. I know that a hundred billion trillion friends have been there before me.

So, one day, mom was making the leaves dance and I gots a little scared, I mean I gots a brave. I decided that it was time to go up in that house on sticks.
I had a brave, but not enough to go alla way up. I'll get there!

Know what's neat about dancing leaves? There be treasures under there, yar! I gets to drag the treasures everywhere and once I found a bas'etball. My hooman sister, Allison, usta play and she left it for me. Mom was being cutesy and made a funny pitcher when I brought the bas'etball in.
Oh, and the bestest thing! Shiloh came over again on Saturday. It was too rainy to take pitchers, so mom found this pitcher of Shiloh at work with her mom, Deb. She's a hard working search and rescue doggie. That's why when she was over here, she was all about hiding in piles of leaves and popping up. Barooof! That was so funny. Mom and Amy and Robin laughed and laughed and laughed.
My cat cousin, George Harrison the girl cat, thinks she's going on vacay. Baroooof! She didn't know her mom was gonna make her have a babysitter. Oopsie, Georgie. Get outta that suitcase!
That's it for now, my doggies. I gotta go fall asleep with my face in a shoe.
Zzzzzz......puppy out!