Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catching up!

Wow, a lot has happened since last I baroofed your way! I'm growing, a lot! I'm almost 5 months old now! My legs are long and lanky, and I'm starting to get my big girl hair. My sheep's fur is going, going, and soon to be gone. Look how long my legs are!
Mom calls me a supermodel. Baroof, baroof, baroof! Cracks me up.

Christmas came and went. I got to play with the funnest stuff. Colorful, crunchy, and smelled all sorts of good - people smells, food smells, gifty smells. I was in doggie nirvana!
If you lookie in the corner, you can see my Mr. Bill. He says "ooooh noooooo" when I give him a squish with my toofies. My hooman sister, Allison, gave him to me. She said "Merry Christmas!" and then I heard, "ooooh nooooo!" Being a dog is so much fun.

Then guess what? The bestest thing ever. My hoomans put up a fence. I don't know what a fence is, but I get to run in the back yard without my walking string. I'm all nose to the ground most of the time cause of all the messages the woodsy critters left for me. I love to run, run, run, run!

Here's what it looked like before the fence. Can you find the doggie in the circle? I was almost invisdible! Mom didn't put on the walking string that day and I runned away. hahahaha
First, my hooman uncle, Charlie, came over on a great big machine that made too much noise. I didn't like it one bit! Cars and trucks skeer me.
Then the fence man came and boy was he fun to sniff. He told mom that he has one of my kind living at his house. I already knowed it cause I sniffed. 
Now I can play ball and walk with my dad all I want. Dad takes me for walks around the fency part on the string to teach me where the fence is. Duh. I know where it is dad. Those hoomans don't think I know nuffin. Did I say I love to run?!?!?!?

I gots a few last pictures to share. This one is where I was trying to get in my favorite box. I don't fit!
This one is when I went walking with my hooman sister and her friend. They thinked I look like a police dog. Respect my author-a-tie! License and registration please. Barooooof!
Here's one with my hooman sister from a couple days ago. Ain't we a beautiful pair?
Now we're up to today's adventure. I eated my mom's medicines that she put out for today. I never even sniffed em 'afore today! she called the doggie doctor and they told her to give me this drinkiepooh and guess what? I gacked. I gacked a lot. Over and over and over I gacked. It was gross enough that I don't think I'll do that again. Later, I got to have pudding. I'm feeling kinda punky and stuff, and the doc said I'll be okay, but golly, mom, don't be leaving your stuff out. I just loves stuff! Peeples, please watch your dog alla time and know we love to get into your stuffs.

For now, I be going to sleepiecakes. My auntie Tracey gave me the bestest squeaky chewie sleepy toy ever. Sometimes, I fall asleep with it in my mouth.
I think I'll do that right now. Puppy out. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Dear Lord please protect this smart and wonderful dog from herself.