Saturday, January 26, 2013

White, fluffy, cold, and FUN!

Hey guys, you are not gonna believe this! I went with my hooman out back to run in the yard, and lookie at the deck. It didn't feel like my deck. It didn't smell like my deck. I could hardly smell any messages at all! There was white, fluffy, cold stuff alllll over and I got a bit confuzled. I do that sometimes. Puppies gotta think things through when they're new, ya know.
Around these parts, even a little bit of this stuff makes peoples crazy. I dunno why. I thought it was a blast from my instinctive past. Dad came out and throwed the ball away a lot. I kept getting it and sometimes gave it back, but that hooman confuses me. He just threw it again! I thinks it's my job to get it for him, but he forgets to keep it and throws it again and again. Finally, after all that puppy running, which I am very good at, almost as good a runner as a pooper, I just plopped down.
I figured he could come get the ball hissef! My belly got cooooollllld. But it was great! After mom took this pitcher, I got up and ran some more. My feets were cold, but it was fine. I tried to eat the white, fluffy, cold stuff, but every time I'd get a bite, it would disappear. Sometimes, I got the white, fluffy, cold stuff up my nose and mom laughed a lot as I snooted it back out. 
I slept like whoa last night. I could hardly wake up when it was peeps time before bed with mom. 

I'm a happy puppy for sure. I hope they get me some more of this white, fluffy, cold stuff again some day. And guess what? We's gonna go run in it today! Right now it's too early and mom's not feeling it. Wonder what she means when she says that? I did my bizness and ate my breakfast, and I been cute all morning so far. I guess I'm not the me she's not feeling, huh? baroooof! 

Puppy out, guys. I gots a new bone and it's not gonna chew itself. 

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