Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gracious sakes! I growed a lot.

I was just sitting around and mom got all snappy snappy with her phone and poof, there's more pitchers of me on the intertubes. She sended these to Facebook. Is that cause I gots the cutest face ever? Well, maybe. I know there was a dog named Lindsey who used to live here and I keep hearing mom and dad say I gots big paws to fill. Did she have the cutest face? Was she as good a pooper as me? I'm trying Lindsey!
Later in the day, after playing ball outside with dad, which is the bestest thing ever cause I get to run and stuff and not give the ball back, I got tuckered out and headed for my blankie. I didn't fit so good. That blankie has been good to me. It went to the vet when I got my fixin. I even barfed on it. That's how much I like it! But lookie here - I been with my hoomans for 4 months. The first snappy snap is the day after I moved in. the other one is from today.
Ain't it amazin? My chubby feets became long and lanky legs and I'm only half growed! My black head stretched out and now I look a bit like a raccoon. And my floppy ear don't flop no more! Cept when I had my fixin. It flopped when I seed that whacky cat that glowed in the dark. Whew. Drugs are bad, mmmkay? Barooof! I gots me some tan on my back feets and legs where it used to be curly sheep gray fur. 

Know what else? I'm not so bitey anymore. I chew on my rawhide and my shoes and my other chew things, but not so much my hoomans. I figure if they feed me, I won't eat them. And they feeds me real good. 

I'mma be a big dog, peeps. I'm 6 months old and I gots a long way to go. Here's to growing, my doggies, and a long life of sniffin and runnin and sniffin some more. 

Puppy out!


  1. Hey Abbey,
    Growin up and behavin all the time can be a pain but it wins points with the folks so I'm into it now. Thanks the voice of experience as Im almost seven now. Growin up has it rewards...
    take care,

  2. Looks like a nice kitchen remodel in the background!

  3. Naw, mom's just a messpot. The kitchen was remodeled a couple years ago. Now we gots hanging pans and a frigerator full of mag-a-nets; a whole lot of em look like me!