Monday, February 4, 2013

I can fly!

It's Febooary! That means I'm 5 months old. Can you believe it? I look like a growed up dog, but I'm not. I'm still a poopy little puppy brain. I guess that's why I get to go in the yard and run like the wind now. I don't even needs a tennis ball to feel like running. I gots a favorite spot in the yard where I gets to dig. I can dig almost to China, I can! You should see my nose when I'm done.

The other day after a hundred billion trillion leaps and runs outside, I hadda take a nap. I was wiped out in a big way even though I'm still a little way kinda gal! So, I tooked a nap.
Mom says I look like a flying reindeer. Auntie Winnie thinks I look like a kangaroo. I thinks I look like a dog who is sleepin in her best way possible cause I'm a good sleeper just like I'm a good pooper. 

I hope mom takes me out without the string again today! Then I can sleep like I'm flyin all over again. 

Anyone can answer me a Q? What's "come" mean? I hear it a lot and am not quite sure what to do. If I run to mom, I get a biskie. Other times, I don't get a biskie though I'm just hanging out lookin' at mom wonderin' what she wants. I gots the bestest life ever.

Fly little doggies! Baroof. 

Puppy out!

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  1. Little brofur says I look like a kangaroo when I'm sleeping, I think that's just pretty rude...woooos,