Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh my dog! What the heck happened?

Guys, you are not gonna believes this! I was just being my cute little self this weekend, playing and posing, and being as bitey as I can be.
I even taked out all my toys for mom. She loves to pickem up!
Nothin speshul, but dang, something weird happened. 

I gots up Monday morning and went for an R-I-D-E (my hoomans gotta spell it cause I know what they're saying now; I'm so smart), and we went to see my bestest vet. The assistant walked me on the scales. I'm such a fat slob. I weigh 42 pounds now. Whoo doggies! I still skinny as a rail. I gots a good metabolism.

Everything happened so fast, peoples. I gots a shot and boom. Next thing I knew, my belly hurt and I could feel colors. I could see sounds. The werld was just like whoa. I seed a cat. She looked like this:
I was a little askeered! Know what I did? I went to sleep. Zzzzzz. That was all I could do. I had my favorite blankie, so I knowed I was okay, sorta. I wanted to get up and run away, but I was in a crate and felt like I weighed about 100 million trillion pounds, and my eyes wouldn't stay open and I was hungry and where were my hoomans??? I dunno how long I napped, but I heared a voice that sounded like a hooman of mine. The nice girl got me out of the crate and took me to my mom! I was so happy that I peed a million trillion gallons right there on the floor. The vet girl laughed. I don't remember much, but dad was there too. Next thing I knowed, I was at home marking the yard and making poops, and then it was time for sleepin some more.
Mom makes blankies and she let me use this one. Mine kinda hadda be washed. It's okay. I didn't mean to mess it up. I did lots of sleepin for the rest of the day. I felt colors and seed sounds for the rest of the day. I was better off sleepin. 

Last night, I felt like playin again. And I feeled like eating! Mom only gave me a lil bit. I had the pukeys all night and she didn't wanna clean up no more of that. I'm sowwwwwy Mom! I got my rawhide and chewed on that all evening. Mom gave me a lil kibble here and there. Dad snuck me a Cheezit or 12, but don't tell! And guess what? No pukeys! 
And today, I wanna run, jump, play, eat, pee, poop, bite, squeak, and do it all over again and again. I thinks I'm feeling better. I ate my breakfast like the good eater that I am, and chased the ball inside. I can't do a lot of running and jumping for a few more days, but I sure feel like a million bucks.

I'mma prolly go play with my friend, Shiloh, soon or she's gonna come here. I needa see my dogs. I wanna show her my new fenced yard. I get to be off the walking string out there. 

I ask again, peoples - was I broken? I hear that I'm now fixed.

Baroof for now. Bark on my dogs!


  1. OMD, you is a BIG girl now all fixed and stuffs. And just keep putting your toys all ofur like that. 12 years later and my mom still loves when I do that so I has to do it lots of times efurry day to keep her in shape. And happy.

  2. Harrooo Abbey!I agree with Shawnee! Our pops still has the best time picking up all our toys BOL!! It's a human thing I guess. Good to hear wooos are all fixed now...I gots fixed once too but that was a long time ago, play bows,