Monday, March 18, 2013

I gots a brave!

Mom is a nut. She goes outside and makes noise with a machine that makes the leaves dance. Of course, I gots to go with her cause the back yard is my werld. She telled me that there usta be a buncha kids living here and that the back yard was their werld! Imagine that! She swears there was a zip line, pool, climber, bas'etball hoop, swing set, trampoline, and other stuffs out there, but all I sees now is a house on sticks.

That house on sticks. It keeps calling me. I sniff it and sniff it and can't figure out why its there and why there are messages on the ground. There's a sandbox under it, and it smells really cool. I know that a hundred billion trillion friends have been there before me.

So, one day, mom was making the leaves dance and I gots a little scared, I mean I gots a brave. I decided that it was time to go up in that house on sticks.
I had a brave, but not enough to go alla way up. I'll get there!

Know what's neat about dancing leaves? There be treasures under there, yar! I gets to drag the treasures everywhere and once I found a bas'etball. My hooman sister, Allison, usta play and she left it for me. Mom was being cutesy and made a funny pitcher when I brought the bas'etball in.
Oh, and the bestest thing! Shiloh came over again on Saturday. It was too rainy to take pitchers, so mom found this pitcher of Shiloh at work with her mom, Deb. She's a hard working search and rescue doggie. That's why when she was over here, she was all about hiding in piles of leaves and popping up. Barooof! That was so funny. Mom and Amy and Robin laughed and laughed and laughed.
My cat cousin, George Harrison the girl cat, thinks she's going on vacay. Baroooof! She didn't know her mom was gonna make her have a babysitter. Oopsie, Georgie. Get outta that suitcase!
That's it for now, my doggies. I gotta go fall asleep with my face in a shoe.
Zzzzzz......puppy out!

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  1. Hawoooo Abbey! Great pics there mate, I love basketbally BOL!! Love to chomp em with my toofers and make em flat!! Play bows,