Friday, March 29, 2013

I gots a good grade!

Not so many snappie snaps today cause mom was too busy walkin me. Sorry guys. But guess what? Best day ever, again!

I gots up and had my brekkie, and then took a lil nap. I'm a good sleeper. Then mom said "ride?" and of course I tilted my head and started to the door! She took me to the York River State Park in Croaker, VA.
  That's also where we live, sorta. There's the sign. We do exist! We is real! Baroooof.
Anyways, mom has this fancy new string thing with stuff that goes over my legs to help me stop pulling or something like that.
I doesn't hurt or nothin. She hasta use 2 leashes. But I felt like it was my job to walk instead of jumpy jump and pull and gag. Kinda cool, huh?

We didn't take trails today. This was our firstest time and mom has new knees and and and and.... next time! We did walk on the trails that don't go inna woods. And we seed a buncha stuff! Gooses, a horsie with a person on its back (you ever heard of such a thing?), and a man in black running nowhere. I touched the gooses with my eyes and sniffed their path, but that's it. I hardly noticed the horsie. The man in black said hi to me when he runned by us and I didn't jump or nuthin! I'm a good walker...well, I will be!

We walked to the gazebo and I sniffed a million billion other doggie messages on the way. Then we got to go inside the visitor center so mom could talk to the peoples.
There were doggie messages even in there! And fish and snakes and other critters that mom said were not real. Well if they are not real, what they doing in there??? The nice lady and man who were there said hi to me and did a lot of pettie pet on my head and back. It was greatness. I think they liked me. 

We walked down this path and that path and over there where the geeses were and then back down the other path and around the back and up that path and through the field and back to the path and gee, it smelled terrific. I watched the geese take off and fly away. They flied way up over the trees and I watched the whole thing. They left me a pile of fresh goosie poop. Ain't they the nicest?

When we walked back to the car, mom kept telling me I did a good job on our first try and that we'd have to try this again and again. She telled me I got an A and to shoot for an A+. Our parking pass is good for a week, so maybe tomorrie? Barooof. We got to take another ride in the car and back home. I walked from the car to the yard without a string. I'm getting good about that. I know which outside door is mine, mom! It was good to be back home with my smells and Shiloh smells and my balls, and oh look, a shiny object. 

Mom interjects: Abbey did a great job with the Halti. She pulled and tugged at first, but then I figured out how the double leash works and was able to control her with the chest leash rather than the neck leash. The gagging stopped immediately. By the end of our walk, she was walking at my pace and staying to my left with little prompting. I think she rather likes having the limits. It's sort of freeing to know what the boundaries are; there are infinity possibilities between them!

MOM! This is my doggie bloggie. 

I think I like this park on the river. The water was purty, the trees were purty, the geese were silly, the man running nowhere was nice, the peoples in the office were nice, the lady on the horsie waved at me, and well, I was so tired when I got home that I did my usual nappie (and so did mom; don't tell her I told you.). 

I wonder if Shawnee has been to York River State Park?

Puppy out!

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