Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh my goodness! Snappie picture time!

Wowsers, dogs and dogettes, was yesterday the best day ever or what? My BDF came over for playtime and we runned and runned! Debbie, Shiloh's mom, did a lot of snappie snaps. I'll 'spalin them as bestest I can. I'm a good 'splainer.

That's mom sittin at the table. I didn't wanna stay on the deck, so down I went. 
And lookie who was already there! SHILOH, my BDF!
We gots a slow start, but now that mom has blowed all the crunchy off the ground, we gots lots of room to play.
But we still loves the crunchy!
Run, Shiloh! I'mma catch you. We have some 'mazin running muscles. I love the wind in my face. I put my ears back and just run like crazy.
Wait, we gots to sniff stuff first. I gots a feeling there been some critters out here sneaking through the fence. They be small, them squirrels and rabbits. I wonder what it is that's bringing pecans and walnuts into the yard. We don't have those kinds of trees here!
Ain't we just the cutest? My tongue is longer. Shiloh's has more black spots. I gots one, but you can't see it unless I stick it alla way out.
Then Shiloh thought she could catch me! No way, big dog. I'm a lean, mean, runnin machine.
Then guess what? We both gots a brave! It's easier to be climbing the ladder steps with a friend. We stopped about halfway. Debbie tried to get us to come up higher, but not yet. Maybe next time?
Shiloh is gonna be a famous search and rescue dog. Deb helded onto me while Amy hid in the trees so Shiloh could practice finding her. She's purty good at finding! I'm not so good at being held.
We runned along the fence some. That's my favorite place in the yard. Dad takes me out there lots.
Barkin about dad, don't tell him I showed you this, but here's me and him sleepin the other day. We're the best sleepers ever.
After a while, me and Shiloh was getting tuckered, so we decided to go inside. The hoomans thought it was their idea. We gots em wrapped around our paws, we do. 
After our biskies, Deb got on the floor with us. Akshully, Shiloh won't eat my biskies, but Amy, her other mom, brought some that we both nommed. 

Shiloh hadda go home. It took me about 5 minutes to hop up in my chair and nod off. 
I gots a textie from Shiloh. Guess what? She was going nappie nap too! Sleeping like dogs, we wuz.
BUT, that is not the bestest thing of the day. Oh no. I love me some play visits, but guess what, my dogs and dogettes? Guess. You dun guessin? Well, lookie! Here's a hint. Them's my big pawprints.
Here's another hint: That's my yard where I was playin with Shiloh earlier!
Here's my favorite tree. Know why? It's a DOGwood. Mom snappie snaps that tree alla time. 
Of course, I hadda go get a snow butt. I ran, ate, and snuffled in the  white, cold, fluffy. It was some fun! I was some kinda 'cited! We don't get fluffy white stuff a lot. I luvs it. Makes me think of my home generations back. We be Alpine puppies, you know. More snow! More snow! More snow! (Mom interjects - it's the fourth day of spring, daggumit. We'd prefer some warm and dry weather for a little while, thank you very much Ms. Abbey!)
So, my dogs and dogettes, that's it. I hope you had a groovy weekend too. I'm tarred just thinkin about it! I thinks it will be a while before we get more white, cold, fluffy stuff. It's okay. I gots other things to do, like keep growing my belly hair back where they fixed me. I still don't think I was broke. Baroof!
As my hoomans say, "My life is good." It really is. You should get to be a doggie too. It's the bestest ever. 

Puppy out!

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  1. What fun! My boss took me for a hike yesterday for the first time since forever. He hates ice and cold. Not a problem for me but I go where he goes.... long hikes and I help him chase up birds...:)
    Baron of Bluff Country