Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just hanging around

The weather's been fine and I been spending lots of time outside. There's a black dog that follows me around alla time when the sun is bright. I try to chase it, but it goes everywhere I go! I wonder if it's related to the German Shepherd that I see in the sliding glass door?

Mom decided to work outside some this week at the pickinik table. I thought it was such a good idea that I hopped up on the table to help. She can't work without my help. I'm a good helper.

Did you know I loves to eat poop? I do. People just don't get it. I heard mom telling dad that she put some stuff on my food to make my poop taste icky. Can they do that? It's a free snack, mom!

I been bring the ball back sometimes. I don't want them to think I know how to drop it yet, but I do. Mom says I'm just triflin. Baroooof! Trifle that!

Anywayz, not much going on around here. Spring be springing and my yard has some amazing smells right now. I'm a good sniffer, sort of, and I know I sawed a squirrel go right through the fence! I'mma catch me a bird one of these days too. I can jump almost as high as they can.

Hope your peoples are planting gardens so you can diggem up! Puppy on, my dogs.