Monday, May 6, 2013

I been growin and adventurin!

Hi guys. It's me. I been doin dog stuff and didn't have time to bloggie, but it's time! I took a page from Shawnee's book and made mom take me on a trail at York River State Park.
I was being a lazy butt. I love watching the doggies do their fancy exercise on those agility trials. I heard mom say, "That's it. My dog will not sit and watch television on such a beautiful day!" 

We gots into the car and she grabbed my fancy leash that has a thingie across my chest. I was real good in the car. I'm a good rider, I am. She even put the winder down a little bit so I could snuffle the wind. I hain't done that before, so it was fun city. We got to the park and parked. BOL! That's funny right there. Then we taked off down the sidewalk and the rocky path around the building and the barking lot. Mom's nosy. When we were sittin on the dock watchin the world go by and sayin hi to fishin peoples, she said, "Look, those people over there are going in the woods." So we did too. She said, "Hmm, this way is 1/3 mile and that way is 1/2 mile; let's go that way." So we did. And here is how it looked.
She unhooked half of the fancy leash so I could walk without all that grabby pully stuff she does. (I hear ya mom; you want me to walk!). A few years ago, a hurry cane called Isabel came through and boy oh boy, you can sure tell it in the woods. Look at all them broked trees!
This tree had a weird lil hole in it. Purty cool, huh? I betcha boy doggies do their bizness on this stump.
Speakin of stumps. This one here smelled really good. It was just the right amount of icky for my likin. 
Can you tell I'm havin a good time? The rooty trail was real easy for me. Mom went kinda slow. She gots new knees ya know. Alla time reminding me she got those derned knees. I walks just the same fast as she does. We are a team. 
Another Izzybell log. Sniff, sniff, snuffle, snuffle.
Messages! Sniff, sniff, snuffle, snuffle. 
More Izzybell trees. I bet they were purty when they were standing up.
This Izzibell stump still has a trail marker. We didn't get lost, though! 
Mom stopped for a minute. Derned new knees again. We seed a big hill going down. I heard her talking again, "We can either go down or go back. What's it going to be, Abbey?" I tried to tell her I didn't care. But you know what? We went down that hill! I'm a good hill climber. I went real slow so she didn't trip or nuttin. Ain't I somethin?
I founded a fern for mom to snappy snap. I knew she'd want to take a short break on that hill anyway. I'm smart like that. Here's another fern I found for her (I stepped outta the snappy snap for you).

Dis picture is a lil blurry, but we's on top of the hill in this one. If you look very carefully with your hooman eyes, you can see the bridge in the valley. Mom fixed the snappy so you can maybe sees it. I seed it in person and I didn't even try to jump off it and into the creek. 
We got to the end of the trail and headed for the barking lot. Mom hadda do the fancy leash again since there's people in the barking lot. I drinked some water out of her hand and talked to a couple strangers, and then we gots in the car again. Here's our map:
That's a half mile plus the quarter mile we walked afore we found the trail in the Izzybell woods. 
I was too buhcited to sleep in the car. I wanna go again. Can we go again mom? Next time, mom says we take the mile trail. YRSP has lots and lots of trails for doggies, hoomans, and those dumb horses. 

Mom interjects: Yup, we'll do it again. Abbey was amazing at adapting her speed to mine, and thoroughly enjoyed sniffing everything in sight. She went most of the trail with her nose down and tail flying. She still needs to work on her public walking and we'll keep up the leash training, and I hope to be able to use a regular leash soon. Thanks Shawnee for making us think about the trail!

Bark on, my friends. I be 9 months of energy, vitality, skinny, and hardheadedness. My hoomans like me that way.

Puppy out!


  1. My goodness she has grown! Good job on the trail, both of you!

  2. Hi Abbey. I liked your adventures. Me and the boss take lots of hike too. And you never know what we'll run across.

  3. I'm almost growed up. I like being tall and slim. I'm like a doggie super model.