Friday, June 14, 2013

Quick ketchup

No snappie snaps today. Mom be slackin with the camera!

Strange things happened  yesterday. First, I took mom for a ride and we went to Dr. Kincade's, the best vet in the werld, office. I wuzn't sick or nuttin. Mom wanted flea juice. She puts that on me every month. I ain't got fleas. Not sure why she does it. We lives in the woods, so maybe she is thinking about the ticks I ain't got. Who knows. There's no figuring out a hooman. I gots to sees all my friends, the ladies who wash me, clip my nails, and treat me like a doggie queen. I smelled a bazillion doggies outside and inside. It was like a big kaleidescope party for my nose. Didn't see any doggies, but I knowed they was there. The strange thing was I didn't get a baff, a shot, or even a pedicure. I did get to go for another car ride home. I'm the best car rider ever.

The other strange thing was a very weird smell on my deck. I saw mom earlier talking to a no legged lizard. She smelled like excitement and I got away from her. She was trying to get the no legged lizard out of the container where she grows carrots, but the no legged lizard got away. She kept saying something about a head of copper, but I didn't unnerstand. When I comed back to the deck, I mozied over to the carrot garden and it smelled weird. It smelled like something scary and dangerous. I sniffed up. I sniffed down. I sniffed all around. All I knowed was it was a smell I didn't wanna smell again. Mom smelled like excitement for a long time after that. I calmed her down though. I'm good at that.

My hooman sister keeps trying to teach me to catch Cheezits. Cheezits are god's gift to good doggies. Most of them land on my head. One of these days!

It's time for puppy out! Here's me doing what I do bestest: