Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's my sorta birf day!

I made it 11 months, people. Can you believe it? As much mischief as I get into, I'm so glad mom and dad keeped me. Baroooof LOL

Larry the Cable Dog came to visit the other day. He's kinda laid back. I ranned a lot more than he did. Dad and Larry the Cable Dog's mom tried to get us to play. I thinked we were just fine. He gave me a little nippy nip here and there. Okay, Larry the Cable Dog, I get it. You not gonna play wif me! Sheesh, those 3-year-olds can get so silly sometimes. I was big time tired all day after LTCD left. I hads me some big fun.

Then, guess what! I had a spa day yesterday at my favorite doctor's office. The nice girl gave me a baff and then her and bunches of other people trimmed my nails. Then they stuck something in my butt... .ouch! Mom says that's so I can hang out with other dogs and not get a weird doggie cough. When mom came to pick me up, the doctor lady told her that I was a bit hyper, what? Ooops, shiny object.

I got to take a ride in the car twice! On the way home, after dragging mom across the parking lot cause she's not real good on the walking string yet, I got to feeling that rumble of the potty monster. I hadda go. I hadda go now! I didn't know how to tell mom, but I was twirlin in my seat and not paying much attention to the R-I-D-E. By the time we got to our road, I spoke my concerns aloud. Whiinnnnne. Mmmf, mmmf, mmmf, whinnnne. She opened the door and zoom, to the woods. Whew! I almost didn't make it. I'm a good pooper, though, and would never mess up mom's ride-mobile.

I slept like whoa last night. I was so tuckered that I fell asleep with my toy in my mouf. Of course, mom got the snappy snappy thing out so she could show you.
I'm a good sleeper, huh?
And, I'm tarred again today. 

It's dark outside, y'all. I think it's time for puppy out. I'mma take my 57-pound self and hit the hay. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I tried out my big bark today. I can bark like whoa now. I sound like a big, big dog. I may only be 11 months old, but I could scare just about anything. Don't tellem I'm a wuss and would lick them to death. Mom wants me to be her first alert system. Whazzat mean???

Mom opened the glass and let me on the wooden yard. I ran down the steps and onto the dirt yard and lookie there! A huge black legless lizzerd! That legless lizzerd stuck up its head at me and I baroofed. I baroofed like loud. I heard mom on the wooden yard running. She don't run! She started t'hollerin for me to come in. I was protectin her from the legless lizzerd and stood my ground. I gots spiky hair and it was standing up all down my back. I feels fierce when my mohawk goes to work.

But here's the best part. My mom kept askin me to come in and then she gots the thing that squirts water and squirted the legless lizzerd a lot. Then she tried to squirts me, but I'm too smart for that. I ran up on the wooden yard and to the big glass. I tricked her, I did. She tossed down the water squirter and came up to the wooden yard with me, and in we went! And guess what? Here's the bestest part. Chicken jerky! I gots a piece cause I'm a good barker!

(P.S. I went back out later and Mr. Black Snake was gone. All that was left was a dry outline on the ground where the water squirter was aimed at him to encourage his exit, stage left. Abbey was amazing. She was sure to not get too close to the snake. High praise was given for her early warning system! - Mom)

Did I mention I can drive now? I parked the car for mom.  
My hooman sister, Allison, gots me this really cool toy that mom puts plastic bottles in. They make the best noise ever.

Puppy out!