Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's my sorta birf day!

I made it 11 months, people. Can you believe it? As much mischief as I get into, I'm so glad mom and dad keeped me. Baroooof LOL

Larry the Cable Dog came to visit the other day. He's kinda laid back. I ranned a lot more than he did. Dad and Larry the Cable Dog's mom tried to get us to play. I thinked we were just fine. He gave me a little nippy nip here and there. Okay, Larry the Cable Dog, I get it. You not gonna play wif me! Sheesh, those 3-year-olds can get so silly sometimes. I was big time tired all day after LTCD left. I hads me some big fun.

Then, guess what! I had a spa day yesterday at my favorite doctor's office. The nice girl gave me a baff and then her and bunches of other people trimmed my nails. Then they stuck something in my butt... .ouch! Mom says that's so I can hang out with other dogs and not get a weird doggie cough. When mom came to pick me up, the doctor lady told her that I was a bit hyper, what? Ooops, shiny object.

I got to take a ride in the car twice! On the way home, after dragging mom across the parking lot cause she's not real good on the walking string yet, I got to feeling that rumble of the potty monster. I hadda go. I hadda go now! I didn't know how to tell mom, but I was twirlin in my seat and not paying much attention to the R-I-D-E. By the time we got to our road, I spoke my concerns aloud. Whiinnnnne. Mmmf, mmmf, mmmf, whinnnne. She opened the door and zoom, to the woods. Whew! I almost didn't make it. I'm a good pooper, though, and would never mess up mom's ride-mobile.

I slept like whoa last night. I was so tuckered that I fell asleep with my toy in my mouf. Of course, mom got the snappy snappy thing out so she could show you.
I'm a good sleeper, huh?
And, I'm tarred again today. 

It's dark outside, y'all. I think it's time for puppy out. I'mma take my 57-pound self and hit the hay. 


  1. ♫ Happy Sorta Birfday To You ♫
    ♫ Happy Sorta Birfday To You ♫
    ♫ Happy Sorta Birfday Dear Abbey ♫
    ♫ Happy Sorta Birfday To You ♫