Friday, March 21, 2014

Hi guys and stuff!

Hi guys and peoples too. I gots a new ball. I get to show my teef when I play with it. That was in October. I've growed a little more since then.

Here's my bestest favoritist video of all, though. I love snow! I love the crunch, the taste, the cold, and how it feels weirdly like home. My peoples think they can trick me by throwing the ball in the snow. I's too smart for that. Baroof!

Lots has been happening in my life. Mostly, mom's trying to make me more "socially acceptable." What the dog does that mean? I'm very social. I loves to greet the new peoples when they come out of the house, I loves to go run and find people a mile away when the gate is left open (that was a very skeery adventure; don't tell mom, but I's pretty sure I was losted), and I loves to get up in between people and lick like there's no doggy tomorrow whenever I can. I hears my people talk about "intrusive," but I'm not sure what that means. I'm only 1-1/2 years old, mom!
Here I am today. Mom says I'm a slim dog. My bestest vet doctor says I'm purrrfectly healthy just as I am thankyouverymuch. Baroof! I eats when I want and I don't eats when I don't want. My hoomans are just jealous cause they don't have my dogtabalism.

But, I has a little problem. My mom likes to go walking for miles sometimes. She gots to keep those new knees in shape. Anyways, I get a little crazy on the walking string. I like to do the walking and the pulling and I wanna sniff when I wanna sniff and when we get close to back to the car, I wanna do the dragging of my moms. I gets biskies and water and stuff, but mom says we has some work to do.

Today, she got out the walking string and (she think I didn't see this) a pocket full of mini biskies. I knows those are the ones for walks, so I was already buh cited! When I saw that walking string, I bout had a cow. Yippee! We's going for a ride and a walk! But that's not what happened.

She made me sit and wouldn't let me sit by the outside door. Huh? She said "watch me" so's I did, and I got a biskie. I headed for the door and she told me no way Jose, and said "watch me" again so's I did and I got a biskie. Okay, I see what's happening here. She wants me to keep my doggie trained eyes on her. She finally put on that walking string and headed for the back door. What?? That's not the way to the take me places machine.

We walked a lot in the yard. We turned a lot. I did my best watching when she said "watch me," and my best stopping to sit when she did her clicky thing with her mouf. (I heard her say that maybe I'm a clicker dog and not a food reward dog. Not sure what that means either, but it sure made her happy.) Every time I tried to lead, she stopped dead until I came back to her. Then she clicked, said "watch me" and gave me a biskie. I could like this new game. I'm not a big eater, but I do loves me some biskies.

After a while, she asked me to sit, gave me a biskie and loves, and then took off the walking string. I ran like the wind. I loves to run. I puts my ears back and just take off. I go around and around the yard like a racing pony. I heard her saying "run, run, run, Abbey, run, run, run." I thinks she likes me runnin too. I runnded until I was tarred and got some water and went to the back door to get back in.

Now you knows why my tongue is hangin in the pitcher.

And here's me now:
Mom gives me her water bottles when she's done cause I love to get them ready for the recyclin bin. Sometimes, I use them as a pacifier so I can go to sleep. Don't judge! I'm still a puppy!

Know what? That walkin string training was almost fun. I can't wait to do it again. I also can't wait to go back on the road and help mom with her 8K walking training. I'm the bestest trainer ever.

Buh bye for now. Baroof on my doods and doodettes.  


  1. Hawwwooo Abbey! Good to hear from wooos, sometimes little brofur gets excited on the walking string too, pops takes him out one-on-one to work with his manners. I'm a bit slower and enjoy sniffing the flowers BOL!!
    Take care my furiend,


  2. Hi Abbey. Nice to meet you. My name is Lily cause three years ago, lost and abandoned I showed up at Steve's dairy farm. He took me in and its was wonderful. Then a month ago Steve died of something called pancreatic so his good friends Troutbirder and Mrs. T adopted me. I think this is going to work out cause they let me stay in the house, take me on rides and hikes a lot. They keep talking about something called an invisible fence but say it isn't working yet but soon will be.
    Lily the GSD

  3. Hi Abbey, my name's Finn and I'm really pleased to meet you. I don't like that walking string but sometimes we need to keep our people safe. Hope to hear about all your adventures.