Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feeling so much better!

Did I tells y'all I been feeling kinda punky for the last 3 weeks? Did I?

My favorite doctor thought it was mange. I'm not mangy! He scraped the boo boo and said it wasn't mange, but something about how it would be easier if it was cause there's a doggie treatment that works purty good. Then for the next few days, my food tasted funny and I gots a lot of peanut butter that tasted funny. (She was on antibiotics for 10 days. It didn't heal, so she started a tapering dose of steroids, which ended yesterday.) I licked and licked and licked and it itched like a billion zillion fleas, but I don't have any fleas!
Lookie me yesterday! I's feeling good enough to jump on my table and view my kingdom. I likes to stand here and look and look and sniff and sniff. My mom and dad don't use this one anymore, so they gave it to me in the trees. The doggies before me loved the table. How could they get rid of it?

My itchies are gone! I'm trottin, jumpin, and playing with my toys again.

But guys, when you take the stereos, you poop and poop and pee and pee and yous so hungry you could eat a moose! But I's still slender. 62 pounds of pure muscle. I sleeped a lot too. I gots real lazy.

See that thing? That's my favoritist toy. My not fur sister used to play basketball 15 years go and I finded her ball one day. It was under leaves in the woods. I been playing with it all 2-3/4 years of my life. I love that dead ball. My mom says it's dead, but it's alive every time I pick it up and play with it and dad's feet. I do pretend bites when we play. He laughs and I just plays some more!

See? It's just the bestest.

Mom signed up for a walkie walk to stomp out diabetes. I'mma have to train her again. We're gonna be doing a lot of walks. I love my walking string, so I can't wait. She's got the 'betes and hopes that other people get luckier than her. I don't have the 'betes, but 2 of my cat cousins do.

So, I usually say puppy out, but I'm almost not a puppy anymore. I'mma be 3 years old in August!

Abbey out!


  1. Glad wooos itchies are gone deary, that's no fun, play bows,


  2. Happy to hear you are feeling good!!! Hope you had fun this summer as well with no pain!!!