Sunday, January 15, 2017

Football be crazy, I be's catching up!

Mom and dad and Auntie Winnie watched football on the talkie picture box today. They kept talking about cheeeeze heads. I love cheeeeze!

Does that mean I gets to nom some cheeeeze?

Well I found out that the answer is no. Knows what I did? I said pffft and turned my back on everyone.

Guess what? Dad made a meatloaf sammich at the time of halfing and I gots to help. All is forgiven!

Here's my bestest picture in a long time. It's from a few days ago I think. My friend, Robin, the bestest ever, was here putting stuff on the wall to make it change colors. All I wanted to do was help. So I did!

Ain't I cute and innocent? I just gots a little bit on my schnoz. No one will ever know. Don't tell, okay?

Last week it snowed! I love snow. I love cold. I'm a cold weather dog, you know. All the way from Germany where they ski and stuff. I gots extra fur right now cause of snow and stuff. Mom's always making me stay still and brushing me and making a pile that looks like a new puppy has come to live with us.

But oh my dog, it was a lot of snow and it was still falling when mom took me out. I got all squinty eyed and stuff. It was almost up to my belly when it stopped and I had to hunt for pee spots, but I found em! Mom was like YAY, I can find the poo!  She loves poo in the snow. I don't get it. I'm a poo eater if they let me (mom comment - which we don't!) and it doesn't taste any different in the snow, mostly cause it gets scooped up before I can get to it. Love me a poopsicle. Anyway, playing ball in the snow was great. My squeaky basketball got real hard and when I shaked it, it was like a whole new game. I hopes we get more so I can do that again.

That's it, frenz. I'm bizzy these days with making sure the paint people and floor fur putting down people do their jobs. Mom keeps telling me I get a new couch soon. That way I gets to sit with everyone!

Puppy out!

From mom - Go Green Bay!